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Reading an article on Pentax Forums (here), the review by Photogem (10-Feb-2020, para. 5) recommends using firmware v1.10 in the K-30. Checking my camera it has v1.06 so I went to the Ricoh-Pentax web-site to get v1.10.

In the event, I was unable to find the right page. The site has changed significantly since I last looked for downloads, and I could only find downlioad pages for the current cameras.

Does anyone know where the downloads for older cameras are stored now?

Also, does anyone have experience of v1.10 in the K-30? The article suggests that it allows the K-30 to use the new PLM lenses, but I thought that extra physical contacts are needed for them.


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P.S. Looking higher up the forum page, just before the blue & grey spec. table, it states that he latest firmware is v1.06.

So, to what is Photogem referring?

The question about the location of download files on the Pentax site still stands.
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Read this thread

Basically you flash the K-50 firmware 1.10 to your K-30.
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Mike-P wrote:
Read this thread

Basically you flash the K-50 firmware 1.10 to your K-30.

Yes but it is NOT the version that you will find on the Ricoh download site! Search the Pentaxforums site for the download.

It's a version of the K-50 f/w which has been hacked (and very successfully!) to allow a K-30 to accept it, and, during installation, you have the choice of the camera effectively reporting itself as a K-50 (the default) or still as a K-30.

Used successfully many times by many people - including myself - as, amongst other improvements, it allows modern KAF4 lenses like the 55-300 PLM to be used on a "K-30" as I did (and found it to be a tremendous lens).
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