July with the A*135/1.8


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During lockdown I've realised that I don't take enough pictures. So here's my attempt at getting out there a little bit more. I took my first shots a couple of days ago and I'll try to keep this thread updated.

I've picked this lens because it's longer than the typical primes as well as having the usual fast Pentax lens quirks to deal with. I've also target my 'framing' as an area of development so I'm looking to see if having a restricted FoV will help with that.

A couple of images to get us started then:



Comments and criticism very welcome.


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Where’s the “like” button when you need it? Nice work!


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An interesting pair of photos. Both of them flowers at the end of long stems but entirely different in concept and execution. Keep taking 'em!

The 2nd shot looks like a sempervivum (houseleek). If you've got more sempervivums than just that pot (and who can stop at just one pot??) you've got ample subject matter for lots of photos. Shallow depth of field, macro, abstract shapes, colours, flowers from all angles (alive and dead), how they change through the year, even the miniature wildlife that hangs around them - there's plenty of opportunity and subject matter for taking more (and more and more...) pictures .



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I'd be keen to see the second one but with a deeper depth of focus

Would be interested to see how they'd compare


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Thanks for your comments guys.

Yes these are 'houseleeks' and there are a few others with them, waiting to be planted in a possible crevice garden set up. It'll hopefully be done in the coming weeks!

I'll consider playing with DoF too in future shots, it's an interesting balance between separation and detail.


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Another couple from yesterday.

By the way, these pots had been blown over by the wind (I'm not that horrible!)
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The photographs do show the character of the lens with the smooth out of focus areas. The first one is a great example of three dimensionality that it is capable of.

The lens is one I'd be looking to buy if my numbers 'come up' this weekend but, your copy excepted, I've never seen one for sale. I guess not too many were sold back in the day.

Getting older and grumpier. Taking longer to decide which lens to use today.

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Nice images from a nice lens. I really like the first one. The f1.8 is a really rare beast but you can sometimes find the A series 2.8 135mm. That takes equally impressive pictures.
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I like the first one very much. DoF is very effective and the focus of the image is all on the daisies, while the flower heads stand out clearly and effectively against the darker background shade.
I find the background in 2 too strong and fussy - my eye is drawn away from the focus point by its domineering presence. That’s less the case in 3 which I find a more attractive composition.
The colour rendition in all of them is lovely!


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The Fuchsia is a beauty. Loads of colour pop!


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Here's a JPEG straight from the camera at f/2.8 to demonstrate the colours this lens produces. It does a superb job of enhancing the pink/magenta tones. The sharpness isn't quite there due to poor handholding causing a bit of blur.


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Really like that 2nd image
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Lovely colours indeed. 3 is the more interesting one to me - one can start imagining things...
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