Jobo GIGA one portable Hard Drive and card reader


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I would allways use the native format option included in a device. Just as you format the memory cards in the camera.

If I want to format the hard drive in my Nexto Extreme ND2700 image tank I use the format option of the device itself. (The Nexto is a great device, very simple to operate and does the job perfectly including a verify option).
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bonnipics wrote:
Hi guys thanks for your interest and ideas. I have tried to reformat it in FAT32 but the PC can't read the drive thru the programme from Jobo. Although I still can see it on windows explorer. I'm affraid I no longer have faith in it now, so I guess its 'Bin Time' as the whole idea behind the beast is to provide sure and safe backup for my pics, thanks once again regards Ron

If you want to send it to me, I'll have a go at fixing it. PM me. No charge, I'm just interested in the problem. I can bin it for you if unsuccessful.
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Just a point, I remember this happened to me Stateside 3 years ago and I contacted Jobo there, they sent me a patch (OVER THE NET) which I used and it worked OK.. but not this time, although a slightly different problem, Oh! just to add some more confusion, it will read the Sony cards thru the adaptor (same slot as the SD cards) but still doesn't register the Disc volume other then 0.0Gb......BIN! regards Ron

PS Just purchased the Vosonic VP5500 and will let you know the results


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Sorry! Mannesty must have been a mail problem cause I just have read your last posting. I have already consigned the Jobo 'Bits' to the 'TRASH CAN' unfortunately I am a man of little patience when it comes to things IT. However thanks for your offer and I will keep your expertise in mind...... cause I am bound to need it sometime soon regards Ron

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