*istD and PC Synch socket


Link Posted 23/06/2004 - 20:29
Seeing a mention of the PC Synch socket elsewhere, I thought you might be interested in this story.

Shortly after I got my *istD at the tail end of last year, I decided to checkout some "old" equipment with it. I set up a Vivitar 283 (approx 20 years old, but still being produced today!!!) on a tripod and connected it to the *istD via the PC synch socket. Everything worked perfectly and I have used this setup a number of times since.

However about three weeks ago, I set up the same system, went to run off a couple of test shots and ........ "phut"!!!!. I pressed the shutter release and nothing happened, or to be more correct what happened was that there was a short barely perceptible sound from the *istD but little else. Disconnecting everything and trying to fire the camera by itself simply produced a very very low sound as if the mirror was attempting to flip up but not actually succeeding in doing so.

At the moment the camera is now with Pentax, who have said they will repair it free of charge as it is still within warranty - with the usual caveats of course. I don't know what the full story is so far, but at least, when I originally contacted them they didn't throw their hands up in horror saying "Oh no, you shouldn't have done that"

As often happens in cases like this you go throw the motions automatically and it's only after something goes wrong that you begin to doubt your motions e.g camera off? yes. Flash of? yes. Make connections, switch everything on, and away we go.

If their findings are anything out of the ordinary, I will let you know - just in case.

As a slight aside, is anybody aware of any "adapter" that will allow "hot shoe only" cameras e.g MZ3 etc to use a PC cable for off camera connection to the likes of the Vivitar 283.

George Lazarette

Link Posted 28/06/2004 - 23:25
This is a common item, and most camera shops, especially small ones with second-hand gear should have one. Alternatively, there are usually some going on Ebay.
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