*istD - Link AF with AE?

Malcolm Riches

Link Posted 17/08/2004 - 13:41
Would someone please help in explaining the setting "Link AF Point and AE".

I have enabled this, and disabled it, taking a variety of photos in varying conditions, and they all look the same with the same exposures.

What should be happening and when should it be enabled?



Link Posted 18/08/2004 - 11:16
I have never looked at this on my *ist D but I use a Nikon coolpix in my business for close ups of jewellery and I can link the autofocus point choise of five with the spot meter on auto which is very usefull. Could be the same on the *istD.

Malcolm Riches

Link Posted 18/08/2004 - 16:31
In answering my own question I have found this answer at

Link AF Point and AE: If set to On, this function links the AF point to the Autoexposure calculation in matrix metering mode. If enabled, the subject brightness under the AF point will have increased influence on the exposure determination.

I wish that the Operating Manual had just gone this bit further to explain things. Now I understand.


Link Posted 18/08/2004 - 18:15
hmmm, that could be useful!

If it wasn't for this group then I could've gone years without knowing that. The *istD is phenomenal to me and I love it... the manual is at best... inadequate ( I am being polite here ).



Link Posted 19/08/2004 - 21:00
I think describing the manual as inadequate is more than generous… Given the complexity of the camera the manual does little to encourage users to get much more than ‘advanced’ point and shoot out of the camera, which is a shame. I must admit that I have probably learnt more about the advance features of the camera from this and other online forum plus various reviews. I guess it does mention all of the features but some of them only become clear after further reading. I have always though it would be better served by the inclusion of an Advanced Users manual – if not printed (cost?) it could easily be included on the CD in PDF form.

Maybe someone will publish a third party handbook.
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