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Link Posted 19/04/2005 - 12:08

I've just joined the forum as I've traded in my film SLR for a DS - and so far so good, but.....

I've been reading the topics about using "older" lenses with the DS and about firmware updates. Could someone advise me on the following subjects as I have a range of lenses and am now confused as to what I should do....!

- how to use DA, KAF and K lenses?
- firmware update - is it necessary, any pitfalls or problems?

I have started reading the manual, but there's even some comments on here that suggest it's not right at times?

Sorry is this is a big ask, but I figured... "dont ask, dont get" applies here!!!

Thanks to anyone who can help.

George Lazarette

Link Posted 19/04/2005 - 13:44
All lenses except K and M are fully useable in any mode on the D and DS.

K and M lenses have to be used in manual mode, or they won't stop down when you fire the shutter (this means that you CAN use them in other modes with the aperture wide open).

The camera has to be set to allow the shutter to fire when the lens is not set to A (this is a menu setting).

To meter the light, you press a button (differs between cameras - check your DS manual) to set the correct shutter speed for the aperture you have selected on the lens. You can of course alter this shutter speed if you wish to.

You can also use the DOF preview lever to show in the viewfinder how much more or less light you need. This is like the meter on an old camera.

The D user manual doesn't mention this at all because it only became possible when the firmware was upgraded. So for a D, don't use the original firmware.

The DS manual (apparently) doesn't make clear that setting the camera to use lenses off the A setting has no adverse effect on using non-K or M lenses. Some people thought you had to keep changing the settings whenever you switch lenses. This is not so.

Incidentally, a K lens is any Pentax K bayonet lens without a suffix after the word Pentax (for instance SMC Pentax-M). These were the original K bayonet lenses, and are generally regarded as being the best made.

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