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Hello everybody. I'm new to this forum. I like Pentax from the old SLR film cameras but I don't know much about the *ist DSLR models. Unfortuantely, there isn't much about them on the Internet. From what I could read, I don't see any major difference between the DL and the DS2. I'll appreciate it if you Pentax experts can explain. Are there reviews of those models posted somewhere? Thanks.


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The main advantages of the DS models over the DL are a more sonphisticated matrix metering pattern and the use of a proper glass pentaprism finder instead of the cheaper penta-mirror. Otherwise, both cameras do pretty much the same job at the same quality level. There may well be other variations, but I think these are the main ones.
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It is still possible to get the *ist D, which is a much more flexible camera than the other two, and the price is now much the same.



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John, I don't believe there is any difference in the metering pattern (they are both 16 zone) but the DL only uses 3-point AF as opposed to 11-point on the DS.
I think most discerning users switch to single-point anyway!

The DS2 has the improved screen that was introduced on the DL, there's really very little difference between the two models and the penta-mirror on the DL is perfectly adequate.

I'm a little suprised that Pentax didn't replace the D and DS with a model that combined the merits of both ie. the pro-spec flexibility of the D and battery grip and the SD card/USB2 compatibility and better preview screen of the DL.

Perhaps that will come and the DS2 is just a stop-gap model and the new pro-spec will be significantly different - does seem odd to cease production of a top model and replace it with a lower spec one though!
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George Lazarette

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I don't think they have ceased production of the D; they've just stopped promoting it. Last time I spoke to Park Cameras they said the D was still being made.



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That would make sense, George.
I was under the impression, from a number of recent posts, that people were having trouble finding the D in stock but I suppose the DS and DL are more 'mainstream' and therefore more readily available.

Can't be long before the new 'D' is available though - 35mm sized sensor perhaps?, doubtful with the digital spec lenses that have recently been released but surely it'll include some of the updated features of the DS2/DL.

I don't suppose DSLR's will ever be quite as quick, in terms of predictive AF, as up to date 35mm models but I can't wait to see what Pentax manage to come up with.

I never imagined getting into digital but I must admit that my DL is an amazing bit of kit and it'll do very nicely for the time being
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For serious photography, the D is worth seeking out. For one, it uses the standrd Compact Flash cards that all the professional gear uses, it has the two wheels to control the camera, and in general is the professional-level model. If it's selling for the same price as the soccer-mom models, it's well worth chasing down!!

I 'm hoping the D2 shows up soon. It's sensor is being upgraded to 12 megapixels, whenever Sony gets to releasing the sensor (same sensor used in Nikon and Minolta DSLR's). I hope that if they decide to go with SD, they also leave a slot for COmpact Flash. Oly once had a camera with two slots, Compact Flash and Smarrt Media. It's not hard to do, and wouldn't add too much to the cost of the camera.

One can only hope they've learned their lesson, and will put the full KAF mount in the new camera. Many of us have M lenses, and the little lever that senses what the F stop on the M lens is set to is very important.

George Lazarette

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I don't think we can expect full-frame on the K mount ever. I think it's more likely that the 645D will be able to use K lenses with an adaptor.

BUt otherwise, I think there's a lot to look forward to.



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Thanks for the clarifying comments.


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Try out these sites for information about the Pentax DSLRs:

http://www.pentax.co.jp/english/index.php (Official Pentax Japan site, in English - check out your local version as well at pentax.com)
http://www.digital.pentax.co.jp/en/special/digiichi/ (Digiichi - Pentax site about DSLR photography)
http://www.digital.pentax.co.jp/ja/special/istdl/ (in Japanese, Pentax's special site about the *ist DL)

Reviews of Pentax DSLRs:
http://www.megapixel.net/reviews/pentax-istds/pentaxistds-gen.php (amazing in-depth, user-based description of the *ist DS)
http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/pentaxistds/ (detailed testing of the DS, if a bit taken to the extremes)

The already legendary Pentax-related websites:
http://www.bdimitrov.de/kmp/ (all about the Pentax-K mount era: lenses, bodies, flashes, etc, etc)
http://stans-photography.info/ (user opinions on SMC Pentax-K mount lenses)

I'm sure there's more, these are just my favorites. Have fun!


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I'm just about to make the switch to digital (or should I say supplement my system with a digital body!) and I've also been trying to decide which Pentax digital SLR to go for. By the sounds of it either the DS or D would be the better option but does anyone know an online retailer which has either at decent prices?

George Lazarette

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I was going to recommend either Park Cameras or Technikdirekt, but both have only the DL.


Empire have the DS, but they are not excatly a camera specialist


Pentax said the DS2 would not be sold in Europe. I bought my original D from Aden Cameras in Canada. It arrived with no problems. However, they don't have a DS2 at present.


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Thanks for that. I see Empire are only listing the DS kit as well, and given I don't want the zoom lens that's not ideal either.

I might try contacting Park Cameras or Cameraworld and see if they can get the bare DS.


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I managed to find a DS in one of the nearby Jessops, which saved me from a system change (to Canon) that I'd been considering if I couldn't find one.


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Sorry I know you are probably sick of this question.
I have a ist 35mm with a few lenses and want to changeover to digital.
Am I right to say that basically there is no major differences between the models in the ist digital range, the D is slightly more professional but quality and spec is ok on all models?

At the same price would the order of preference be
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