Iris and Trioplan


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The sun was out a few days back and so was Mrs. Wozhere so I grabbed her bowl of spring irises and took them outside. I also took my Pentax mounted
105mm Trioplan that I had rescued from a scrap folding camera and put that on the K1. I think the original medium format was 5cm x 4cm - somewhat
bigger than the 3.5cm of a 'full frame' DSLR so the images are utilising the higher quality from the central area of the lens with the edges being discarded.

1. This one was in the 'main gallery' a few days ago. It is completely representative of what this wonderful lens can produce. It is sharp as a razor (wide open
at f4.5), with beautifully saturated colours and, of course, the famous Trioplan bubble bokeh.

2. The nice thing about potted plants is that you can angle them around however you might like. The first one was with the subject shaded. This one was
taken with the sun almost fully behind the flowers. I have made a custom sun hood to fit this lens (about 34mm external diameter) by forming a cone
out of stiff card and cutting around the narrow end, making it successively wider, until it just fits. The result was painted satin black and the whole ensemble
looks just like an old-fashioned motor car horn mounted on the end of a camera!

3. This one is concentrating as much on the bokeh as on the flowers.

4. And this is quite a stiff crop from it. The image quality has hardly wavered at all.

I am really enjoying learning to use this 1936 beauty and I'm sure you will see more from it.
How do I know the date? It had a little lead seal fixed to it from the Dutch customs together with its own handwritten 'visa' on a folded card !
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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nicely done, #1 just gets my overall vote.

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Nice examples of the qualities of the lens and the photographer combined - keep 'em coming David


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Very nice work

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Beautiful shots and +1 above.


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Lovely shots with great use of the lighting. It's numbers 1 and 4 for me that really stand out.

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Thank you for your interest and for your kind comments. I realised it would have been helpful to photograph the contraption I have made
to serve as a sunshade/ hood. I'm not certain that it wouldn't vignette at its full format size because I don't know the angle of view but it
doesn't matter on a DSLR. The card is the stuff they use to keep 4-packs of beer cans together. It's remarkably tough stuff.

Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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very imaginative hood.

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