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Hi does anyone use this item? I would like to know if i can work with files straight from an attached SD card or if i need to upload to the iPad first, also are there any recommendations for the best RAW file app for the iPad?

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I used a Chinese version. It can't import raws so I save as jpeg within the camera and upload that way. The camera connect can only import from a dsc folder.

Not sure about a raw viewer app.

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Theres at least 2 ipad apps, piRAWna and photoRAW i saw a review on them from a professional photographer who was rating them highly but i cant find the review anymore to see which one is the best.
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I've got the proper Apple version and all it does is let you import files from the card to the iPad's internal storage, you can't do very much with them in-situ. The built-in Photos app works with PEF files for me, although it obviously isn't much good for editing.

That said, I've not tried doing any editing on the iPad - I just use it for viewing mainly.

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I bought the iPhoto iPad App - and I can't say I've found it as good as I would like for editing.

My solution has been [ and I'm no expert goodness knows ] is still to import to my Aperture library from the camera , edit as necessary ad then sync over to the iPad - and it's always a fiddle .
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Yes, Ive not heard any good reviews for the iphoto app and ive checked the piRAWna app and it seems a bit hit and miss, I migh just swap my ipad for a macbook air.
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