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I came across this forum recently and became quite excited. I have been a Pentax fan and user for about 17 years. I started shooting photos with a K1000 and various K-Mount Chinon Bodies. Then somehow along the way...I became a Zuikoholic. Tho I have never forgotten about Pentax and there is always at least 1 Pentax body in my collection. Currently that lucky body is a ZX-L AF. Someday I plan to purchase a LX.

I am doing some research on a DSLR and I have narrowed my research down to the Pentax *istds2 and Olympus E-500. I am quite concerned that the *istds2 is not shipping yet. What is Pentax doing? In the meantime I bought a Pentax *istds but quickly sold it because I am still unsure.

In any case - I still enjoy Pentax and what Pentax stands for. All of my Pentax equipment has been faithful to a good friend that you cannot let go.

I hope to learn from all of you.


- Ali


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Welcome, Ali, hope you enjoy the site!
Best regards, John


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Hello Ali,

I am confused but then that is not unusual for me. You say you bought an *istDs but that you quickly sold it I wonder why? Did you not enjoy using it?



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I live in a smaller city, local camera shops do not have the Pentax *istds or even the *istd on display/demo. The price for the DS at Willoughby's ( is excellent. Anyhow I really have my heart set on the * I just really wanted to "feel" the DS to get an idea.

I really liked it...very comfortable to hold. NICE CAMERA.

I am a little upset and concerned as to why Pentax is not shipping the ISTDS2. They are missing out on the Christmas holiday and also other manufacturer's (i.e., Olympus and Canon) who have released new models that are shipping or will ship early November.

- Ali

George Lazarette

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Pentax are not the only ones missing out. So are you, by waiting. When the DS2 does become available, are you then going to wait for the DS3?

There is very little difference between the DS and DS2, and you can also consider the D, which can still be found if you search. It is more flexible that either of the other two.

Modern technology is always going to offer a better upgrade soon. How long are you going to wait? While you're waiting, other people are out taking pictures, and guess what? They'll be better than yours will be with your new camera because they'll have had more practice.



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The D is still slightly out of reach price wise. The *istds is appealing no doubt, however since both Pentax and Olympus are on the brink of a model upgrade - why not wait? I am going to attempt to make an educated decision and not rush. Besides that I have plenty of 35mm bodies to enjoy in the meantime. Yes I know all too well about technology, there will always be better things down the road but I figured if I am going to spend the hard earned money.....I want to pick the most bang for the buck.

Peter Elgar

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Well, I'm waiting until the tie-up with Samsung then Pentax may bring out a full-frame digital! Until then my Spotmatic 1, MX, ME supers, LX's,6x7's will serve me well with good old FILLUM!
been a member of Pentax Club since the Ron Spillman era! Got COMPUTERISED at last - DIGITISED? Taken the PLUNGE - BUT FILM STILL RULES !!!

George Lazarette

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What's the attraction of full-frame digital - apart from the obvious ones of high cost, extra weight, bulky bodies, huge file sizes, inability to handle nice small DA lenses, slower processing on the pc, slower back-ups, and the need for more batteries, larger memory cards, and larger hard disks?

Ah! You don't have to buy a 14mm lens. So there's a cost saving!

And, of course, you can print up to broadsheet newspaper size. A vital requirement for all of us.

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