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Hi all,
I am very confused about how to use the 'Interval composite' feature of my K1 (or the K3 previously). My understanding was that one could make a composite image after taking a number of shots and, for instance, would be able to get smooth flowing water without having to use an ND filter. The other day I tried to use this by selecting 'Interval Composite' from the drive mode button. I set the parameters at 2 secs interval, 'average' composite mode and checked the box for 'Save Process'. I was imagining I would get 1 image composite of all the images but instead I simply got the 9 images that I had told the camera to shoot.
I hope I have explained my problem and would appreciate your explanation/help (in simple words please).
Many thanks.



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Hi Naim
I think david storm tried this on his K3 might be better of asking him
cheers Neil
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This may help:
and maybe this:
John K
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An update, tried this myself. it seems to save each shot in turn, combining the current shot with the previous one until the sequence ends, so if you set it for 20 shots, you will get 20 images, but each will be a progression of the previous one. Well it works! I've noticed that this function creates a new folder for each fresh sequence.
If you took a subject without much movement between the shots it might not be obvious anything has changed, but a figure walking across the scene will be recorded each time but getting fainter as the sequence progresses. Create some shots of ghosts!
John K
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Thanks John. Got it. I'll try and see what I get.


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Stick at it, the function does exactly what you want it too, however you can't automate it and have to keep counting the shots, once you get to the end it will combine all shots into one. Like this...

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Thanks Steve.
Nice image that. Where is it?


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Pontsticill Reservoir just north of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales
30 images IIRC
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I've only just seen this post, yes I did use it whilst on a shoot in Sheffield, but I actually stumbled across it accidentally in the first place. I haven't used it since, as I've not been in a location where I needed it, but Steve's image above (which is a stunner BTW) has made me think about it again.

Hope you get some good results from it Naim, look forward to seeing your shots.


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Going through my images from last weekend, I now see what the camera has done. It appears I didn't shoot enough images so the changes are subtle but I do appreciate it. Below is the final image of 9

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