Information required regarding the ES and ES11


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Can anybody help with some information regarding the ES and ES11.

I would like to know the retail cost of an ES c/w 1.8/55 lens when new.
I would like to know the retail cost of an ES11 c/w 1.4/50 lens when new.

Many thanks.

George Lazarette

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I don't know about the ES, but I bought an SPII with 1:1.8 55mm in 1973 and it cost exactly £100.00 (or £99.99). So I would expect the ES/ESII would have been between £150.00 and £200.00 with 1:1.4 50mm. £3,000 to £4,000 in today's money.

But Peter Elgar will probably know.

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Peter Elgar

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Yes:but I bought an ES in JAPAN in 1973 in YEN had to pay duty+purchase tax at Heathrow on return-I think it worked out at £138 but I sold it to a Club member who collected Pentaxes and he wanted the Japanese home-market ES (I had the original box+instructions)for £85 so didn't loose much AND it was faulty-the CDS metering was a problem with memory-if you took a photo under very bright light then suddenly took one under dull light the exposure was out badly-I ended up using my Weston meter and putting it on manual settings for my Press work.
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I had a look through a few old magazines but they weren't quite old enough. In September 1978 an MX with 40mm pancake lens was £189.95 and £89.95 for the winder and £229.95 for the motor drive. £304 for the 200 f2.5. In '73 I think I paid £129 for my SPF with f1.8/55mm. Things really have become much cheaper.
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Thanks for your help Guys. I know it was a bit of a strange question
but I'm trying to put together some trivia for my local photo club christmas do.
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