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Hi everyone! I have recently decided that my compact cameras are not giving me enough flexibility. I have, currently, an older Konica Minolta Z10, my 'zoom lens'; a Fuji F31fd, my all purpose camera; then I bought a Fuji F810 and E900, my substitute DSLRs. The image in my profile was taken with the F810, such as it is. I've taken some nice photos but the quality and the detail just isn't quite what I want.

So I began scouring the internet for the best camera for me. I settled on a Sony.

A Sony, you say?

What are you doing here, you say!

Well, read on!

I decided the Sony was nice, but too noisy in the higher ISO ranges and just wasn't 'quite right'.

So I went to the Nikons. The D5000 was the one! Err.. well, it doesn't do this.. or that...

Ok, so much for Nikon.

Then I settled on the Canon 450D. Now there's a camera with a lot of features and what great images!

Then I held one.

Ok, the Canon is out.

So I remembered my old SLR and dug that out, my Minolta X-370. I had a few lenses for that.. perhaps they could be useful? No, sadly, they are not compatible.

But, whats that?

Pentax, you say? Why yes.. I'd forgotten all about them.. 60 years worth of lenses? In-body stabilization, weather sealing, doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart?


That K-7 is exactly what I'm looking for!

Wow its way out of my price range! But maybe I can get something cheaper and upgrade to it down the road.. That K200D is the same size and weight, packed with features, great images, good noise, perfect!

So now I have decided. The Pentax K200D will be my new companion!

If I could just find one for a reasonable price.


Well, hello anyway! Nice to meet you all! Looks like I'll be here a while



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Hi and welcome to the forum!!!


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hi and welcome, i think the k200d will be hard to get hold of, maybe a k10 would do, or a k20d, dependent on budget, k200d will knock the spots of the sony for iso performance, i had a sony a350 and iso was terrible over iso 400,
just keep snapping,

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i got a k200d a few weeks back... at PC World. it was the last one in the shop. you could also try currys/dixons as i believe they had some too. could be worth calling a few 'local' branches. good luck.

hello and welcome.
Pentax k100d, k30d 18-55, Tamron 70-300, Tamron 500 mirror, pentax 10-17, 50 1:4, a manual 28, some extension tubes and a bagful of memory cards. That's all i need... and a load of film cameras too... that's it, honest.


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also maby keep an eye out on SRS's seconds?

Lil Andy

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Thanks for the warm welcomes! I've looked at the K20 and, size wise, it's just a little too big for me. It doesn't feel quite right in my hand. The K-7 felt great and the K100D/K200D are the same size and shape, more or less, so I decided the K200D would be best for the price. At least I thought it would be. I was at the Lincoln London Camera Exchange and they said they'd probably have them used with a lens for 200-225, so hopefully one comes in somewhere. Even the K100d Super is hard to come by. Canons and Nikons, however, are everywhere.

Laurencea, I've called every store I can think of and no one has any in stock. Most places don't even have them in their system anymore. So, I just keep checking ebay, and the London Camera Exchange, and SRS and hope!


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Hi Duane welcome to the forum!
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Finally!! Sigma 10-20mm

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Hi and Welcome to the forum.
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Saw a K200D today at Currys, Lakeside, Essex for 360, including kit lens. Funnily enough Jessops (of all people) in same shopping mall, also had a 200D, 449.
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Hi Duane, welcome to the forum. Best of luck in your searching

How about considering a K-m, they're a great little DSLR
Regards Huw



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Hi Duane,

Last time I went to Birmingham (month or so back), Jacobs had one in the window. They may be worth a try. Good luck!

PS - how do you like the E900? We still have one too, and have got some pretty good shots out of it.


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Hi Duane, Welcome. I am sure you will find a K200D through this forum, just keep looking, and good luck
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Some PC World stores still have stock.
Even though I have seen them in store, I just phoned them and the camera isn't listed at my local store ( Bath)
My advice would be to go to a store, you might be pleasently surprised.




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welcome to this forum

I might be selling my K100d with a kit lens

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