imprinting date on front of digital image


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Is there any way to get a Pentax K200d to imprint the date and time on the front of the digital image so that it is visible both on the digital image and once printed at the lab. Thanks.


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The date and time an image was taken is stored in the image file itself. The camera can't do what you require, it would have to be done in post-processing. Maybe even your printing lab can do it for you.

There are probably plugins/add-ons/apps available to do it, I have no knowledge of them but I'm sure others here will be able to advise you as to which of them might suit your needs.
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Ifranview used to have a plug-in that inserted any Exif
data such as date/time as text on the image.
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Apparantly there's a Lightroom plugin called mogrify (sp?) that does this:


That's assuming, of course, that you use Lightroom.
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