If you like Pentax, should you only buy Pentax


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I've had a thought in my head for a while which was just jolted by another post, but I didn't want to post in there and look like I was having a go at anyone.


If you are a fan of Pentax and want them to bring out more and better gear, shouldn't you try and buy everything you need from them?

Obviously you have to buy your camera from Pentax, but when you need filters, straps, bags, lenses, batteries, etc (ie any items which Pentax make) should you make an effort to always buy from them, even if the cost is higher, so they have more money for future development?

I'm pretty sure Pentax don't make any money out of selling SLRs (and possibly they lose money on each one) so they need to sell lenses and accessories to make a profit.

Or should you buy 3rd party products when they are cheaper and/or better and let the market forces work in your favour?

As I say, just a thought.
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I buy whatever best suits my needs.
I buy OpTech straps, because they suit me better than Pentax ones. Pentax bags are generally too small, and hard to come by, so I buy bags by specialist camera bag makers.
I will choose a Pentax lens over a third party equivalent - provided it is not twice the price and at least the same quality than a third party lens.

Pentax have long refused to make anything longer than 300mm so there I have had no choice but to go third party.

I have a Pentax flash, but only because it was a gift. For the same price I could have had a better third party unit.

If they listened more to their customers, and didn't price certain accessories and spares so high, then I am sure more of us would stick to buying Pentax only.


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I tend to buy what I think I need or what may take my fancy. Most of my digital kit is a legacy carry over from film kit.

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Market forces. Sorry Pentax! They need to work harder to find the sweet spot where most users are happy to pay a premium over third party accessories. Currently their batteries etc are so expensive that many users go straight to the cheaper unbranded options. I would be happy to pay £25 for a Pentax branded battery (which I guess would still be a healthy mark up). But when the batteries are more than twice that, and third party options exist for well under a tenner, they lose my sale. I am guessing I'm fairly representative.

Anyway, Pentax profits were up last year, thanks to two successful models (in particular the K-x) so it seems they can turn DSLR sales into profits. They need to concentrate on better products, and the success they deserve will come. I bet they'll take a hit this year with the K5 furore. Again, they need to get their product right and not skimp on QC, and that's a better strategy for success than depending on brand devotees.


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If you are a fan of Pentax and want them to bring out more and better gear, shouldn't you try and buy everything you need from them?

There are 5 possibilities :-

1-Very good at a premium price
2-Poor at a premium price
3-Very good at a low price
4-Poor at a low price
5-Adequate for "my needs" at a price I'm happy to pay.

#3 rarely, if ever, happens. Sadly #2 often happens.
At least you know where you are with #1, #4

Many of us, amateur photographers, are happy with #5 and this tends to favour the 3rd party suppliers.

I'm pretty sure Pentax don't make any money out of selling SLRs (and possibly they lose money on each one) so they need to sell lenses and accessories to make a profit

Sorry I shouldn't believe that statement, but it might account for the buyout. No company should rely on "odds & ends" sales to make a profit



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I buy whatever suits my needs, I have quite a few FA series legacy lenses so I had a head start when it came to Digital. I do own lenses from Samyang, Sigma and Tamron but the majority are Pentax including 7 DA lenses.

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if Pentax wants to buy third party items and re-badge them and re-sell them, then good luck to Pentax.
If Pentax wants to re-engineer old lenses and re-release them then good luck to Pentax.
If Pentax wants to develop new cameras then good luck to Pentax.

I will not pay extra for re-badged accessories.
I will pay for decently priced, high performance lenses. Even bought the 35 2.4 which to be honest, I COULD have lived without, but am very happy with it.
I will pay for a q styled evil cam with k-mount... or even a dedicated video cam with k-mount. I did buy a kr for video even though I could've lived without it. I am very happy with it.

I wish Pentax every success as they Pentax cameras have been my tool of choice for decades. But I have to go on record here and say IF I started out today... the Sony nex vg10 and nex5 would've been the system I'd have chosen as my first cameras. Today, the line between Photographer and Videographer is blurred, and Multimedia is the future. No company can ignore that without making thier own bad luck for the future.
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I like Pentax, but I have to admit to likeing my family more.

If I was mega rich I could buy overinflated accessories to boost Pentax's R&D, but perhaps a simple donation to them would be just as effective.

Unfortunately real life is such that my upgrade to a Kr or K5 (which falls nearest to Frogherder's possibilities 3 & 5) has to wait, and I have to make do with another possibility - Can make do as I can afford it.

IMHO CaNikon are generally in the possibility 1-2 bracket (though I'd put 2 as Probably Adequate at a premium price) This is one of the reasons I prefer Pentax.

If as the OP suggests we but everything possible from Pentax to boost their proffits, they loose incentive to make 'more & better gear' because we'd buy it anyway!
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If you spend all your money on over-priced accessories, you'll have less to spend on the things that matter - like good Pentax lenses.

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I buy secondhand lenses, but I will quite happily pay a premium for a brand new lnes with warranty where the price difference isn't too much (eg: next on my wishlist the DA*300 new at £925 versus £800 odd asking price for a used out of warranty example). But I don't want to pay over the odds for bits and pieces. I needed a replacement lens hood for the 55-300 and went for the £5 chinese knock off instead of the £42 original. I don't think there is £37 difference in functionality and quality. I don't feel guilty about it, I think branded accessories should be better priced to compete.
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So far I've haven't bought any third-party lenses, but as a principle if I had no choice, ie Pentax didn't make what I wanted, I would buy AND email Pentax to tell them why. I don't know how much they see/know about purchases of third-party Pentax fit kit.


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No neccesarilly Gareth, some people Like Pentax but buy Nikon

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I'm a sad loss to Pentax. I have loads of Pentax equipment including Pentax filters and even a nice Pentax ally case. It was nearly all bought second hand. I have only ever bought two Pentax cameras brand new, an ME Super in 1982 and a K10D in 2007. Apart from the kit lenses (an M series 50mm f/2 and a Mark I 18-55) I have bought three new Pentax lenses. All the others were second hand...

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What Gwen said. Slavish devotion to a brand over and beyond you, the actual user, is frankly dim and bizarre. Pentax is a profitmaking self-interested company, if they make a stupid or bad product they deserve to be punished with no sales. Otherwise they can just churn out any old crap.
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It's interesting. I do keep my eyes open for the old Asahi Pentax filters but that's mostly because the K and M series lens caps don't fit over generic filters terribly well (they tend to be a fraction of a millimetre too fat for the cap to fit easily). But I don't find myself looking for the genuine accessories from the current range.

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