I wonder what happened to.....?


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I did think it amusing Ken turning up at a photoshoot with a guide dog. The advert for the guide dog charity of TV always brings him to mind. My eyesight has improved since having the last cataract removed so it was worthwhile buying new spectacles. I went over to the Dark Side (Olympus) and have a nice selection of lens including my latest fun lens a samyang 7.5mm Fisheye. From the Pentax gear I traded in the only lens I think I would have missed was the K-70. Think i'll be a member of the Pentax clan for some time to come.



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Hi to all still on here,

Special regards to Stan who has clearly gone throught the cataract surgery route too. I also was struggling for some time. Thankfully much improved now.

I got fed up waiting on a K3 II replacement but mostly wanted a lite telephoto zoom.

I found that (big trade in bribe) eighteen months ago with Panasonic Lumix and their G9 combined with their compact 500 100 to 300mm (200 to 600 equivalent) F4 to F5.6 zoom that weighs 500 grams is weather resistant and has in lens as well as in camera Image stabilisation. I love it and with recent firmware updates it exceeds my needs considerably.

I have a f1.7 20mm pancake that cost bugger all and weighs 85 grams. A used 35mm to 100mm that is tiny too. I got fully metering fully autofocus extension tubes for 18 off Amazon. With a superb 120 fps 3.65 million pixel Organic LED viewfinder and a very long list of clever features and customisations I sadly see no point going back to Pentax.

Sadly Panasonic now seem obsessed with video bloggers and also on the higher margin, so called, full frame. If I ever therefore have to look again the same search criteria will prevail, light walk around nature photography telephoto.

Keep well.


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Good to hear from you both!
Sad you have both felt the need to leave Pentax, but I completley understand.


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Hello gents and good to hear from you both.

tyronet2000 wrote:
Think i'll be a member of the Pentax clan for some time to come.

Good stuff Stan. Stay safe mucka.

Best regards


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Great to find Stan fixed up at last and thank you - you always encouraged me when I first appeared. It's appreciated.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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