I really, really need to know how good a K5 IIs is compared to a K5


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Right wonderful peoples, I really really really do need to know how much difference there is in image quality and focussing accuracy (especially in low light) between my well used K5 and the new K5 IIs?

I have a long trip around Scotland in September during which I hope to produce some images for an RPS distinction I shall be going for early next year. Option A is to go with my trusty K5 from which I have produced many great images, option B is hire a K5 IIs for my trip (cost 150) and wait for the K5II replacement whenever it comes, or option C buy a K5 IIs (which has gone down 24 at SRS during the last week!).

Now I am rubbish at decisions, especially when I don't have a huge amount of information to base my decision on. So are there any lovely people within 50 miles of Birmingham with a K5IIs who would let me visit them and fire a few shots to do a comparison with my K5?



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I am a bit further North Tim, maybe 90 miles away in South Sheffield, if you can make it that far I would be delighted to let you borrow my K-5IIs.

I have both the K-5 and the K-5IIs and have used them both extensively. Since getting the IIs, the K-5 has been relegated to second string duties. The IIs is much better. In particular the focussing on the MkII is extremely accurate and is a huge step up from the AF on the K-5. With 'problem' lenses that have issues locking on with the K-5 in some situations (e.g. DA L 55-300, Sigma 105 DG EX Macro, DA 17-70) the IIs has no problems even in the dimmest of light.

The IIs images are also easier to process, being very clean and sharp right out of the camera and generally the IIs produces higher quality results.


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Hi Tim's I,m in Gloucester if that's any help


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Thanks both. Decision time

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