I need a grip strap Fdp for my Z1p


Link Posted 28/07/2003 - 15:22
If anyone knows where I can get a grip strap FDP for a Z1p camera I would be very grateful.
If you have one and don't want it anymore, would you sell it to me, please.

This camera is great but holding with one hand is a bit awkward so the grip would really help and Pentax don't sell it anymore.

Thank for your help.

Keep Snapping.


Link Posted 30/07/2003 - 14:11
"Mad Miff",

The Fd (P) is listed at 69.99 in the Pentax User accessories:

However, a quick Google search on the term "grip strap" yielded this one at 29.95:
(which, incidentally, looks like the same click-together system as the neoprene shoulder strap I bought from 7dayshop for 6.95 for my Z1 - http://www.7dayshop.com/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&products_id=2... - it really does make it feel lighter!)

Hope that helps,
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Link Posted 30/07/2003 - 17:16
Thanks Matt for that info.
If it is listed on this site, does that mean this site will sell one to me, or is that just a guide for how much the things cost.

Have you got the pentax one or a third party one, and if it is the latter does it extend the height of the body by about one inch or is it very flat.



Link Posted 30/07/2003 - 17:31

No, I haven't got a grip (and unlikely to get the Pentax one at that price!). I have a neoprene shoulder strap. From the look of the third-party one it looks really flat - perhaps not what you want, and why the Pentax one is more?

Can't help you any more than that, sorry!
(Maybe Peter can help...?)

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Link Posted 09/11/2003 - 16:25
I've just found your forum, excellent!
I've used a number of Pentax cameras for many years and my favourite has to be the Z1-P. The 8-zone metering is superb and Hyper prog mode flawless - in fact just about everything is near perfect.
OK so the MZS has multi-AF, but I feel it lacks the character and smooth sophistication of the Z1/Z1-p.
I too would love to get a Grip strap fdp (I've handled one at a photo show and was very impressed), sadly it was not developed into a vertical control device and serves only to improve the handling.
The grip strap adds significantly to the size of the camera and I simply could not justify the cost (the equivalent grip for the Minolta 800Si cost nearly double, but featured duplicate shutter/aperture controls etc - which I felt represented better value for money).

I'll be checking in regularly and will post a link to sources for the strap if I find any at a reasonable price.

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