How to kill the FPS of a K7 :-(


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Morning all,

Thought I'd post a little warning/hard won experience for you all! I've just spent a happy weekend at Silverstone watching the FIA GT1 World championship. All going well until the moment I found a good position and started burst mode shooting of the cars - The K7 seemed to have developed narcolepsy: max throughput seemed to be about 3 FPS with a really long time to be able to review shots after they'd been taken (about 10-15 seconds!!!).

After trying different SD cards, taking my grip off, swearing (a lot) and considering driving to Pentax UK and shoving the camera with it's attached 60-250 where the sun doesn't shine, I finally realized what the problem was. I'd been fiddling with the settings a couple of weeks ago and had turned on Distortion Correction (within the Lens Correction sub-menu) on to see what difference it made - turns out the major difference is that it slows the write speed down to a crawl

The moral of the story - If fiddling with settings, make sure you fiddle them back again

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Many thanks for this piece of info. Had been wondering why my K7 had been taking so long to write to the card. Turned off the distortion correction - all abck to normal.
Thanks again!


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Again thanks to you I never realized just how much faster it is now. Regards Ian
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I had the same thing happen to me a while back. I was, like yourself, fiddling in the menus and found that one too and thought that's a good idea we'll have some of that. The next time I was at the karting my burst mode was like a three toed sloth...with rickets! Luckily I realised it had occurred after fiddling and retraced my steps, switched it off and made a mental note to leave it off in future as distortion can be corrected in PP.
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Doh! Thanks for posting John - I've had the same problem... now solved.

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Lol, I'm quite glad it's not just me with FFS

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