How to clean faulty shutter wheel


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Hi all,

I've searched via Google, Flickr, and PUF and would still like a little help. Specifically, on my ist DS, the shutter wheel (command dial) does some strage things when turned - shutter speed goes up, or down, jumps 2 stops, same when changing aperture. I've heard cleaning with IPA or contact cleaner will solve the issue but would love some first hand experience/advise from someone here: WHAT to use and HOW to do it. Also where to buy and CHEAP (ie, ebay or similar)
Thanks in advance.
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If it's under warranty then send it back (which camera?)

If not then personally I would send it in for paid repair, I certainly wouldn't be spraying anything into the command dial.

Another Pentax problem that seems to be getting more and more common.
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Sorry, forgot to mention. Its an ist DS.

I was thinking of putting a little of "whatever" on the wheel outside, and just turning and turning so cleaner wipes inside.

Any ideas?


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There are a few threads on Pentax forums where people have had the same problem with K-r's, K-7's and K-5's (I had it with a K-5).

One of them gave details of what spray to use but I can't seem to find it now.
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Don't forget not to be in too much of a hurry after taking a shot. If the camera is displaying an image in review mode then the shutter dial won't work until it's stopped showing an image. Then it might give more than one jump of the shutter speed or aperture, depending on how far you turned the wheel before it was ready.

Just a thought.
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Thanks, but this is definiately not a "user" problem. It jumps up and down at will when turned (sometimes going up when should be going down), skipping speeds sometimes, then back to normal, then 1/2 stop, or whatever.


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I have seen the exact same problem on a K7. It was definitely the wheel as if you went into the menus and swapped the function of the two wheels over then the shutter speed would click up or down smoothly. Set as normally expected it would jump all over the place rather than moving in the usual increments.

Repaired under guarantee, thankfully!

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Damn, I'd HATE that if it was a new camera! It is very frustrating to live with, especially as I use old primes and chimp a lot. Changing settings quickly is how I get my best shot - many have gone amiss with this issue fussing trying to get S/A to set right!


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I have had the same problem with my kx. I sent it to Asahi for repair I think they said the problem was a knackered sub pcb. 95 to fix.


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I also had that problem with my K-7. One of the electronic boards had to be replaced.
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