How to capture subjects running towards you?

Epithet Man

Link Posted 30/08/2011 - 20:56
My favourite photographic subjects are my children. For some time I've been trying, without success, to capture a great photo of one or more of them running towards me.

I get quite a few natural opportunities to try this but I never seem to have the opportunity to pre-focus on a specific point. I also like shots with small depth of field, so this makes things even harder. I don't really want to stage it because they usually pull silly faces for staged photos.

My normal setup of choice is K10D with DA*50-135mm.

Any tips, or am I wasting my time with the auto-focus on the K10D?



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Focus on a point is the only sure way, and just wait for them to run through that point. Alternatively, small aperture, fast shutter speed, high ISO and don't bother to focus at all. This last method will work best with wider lenses where ther'e a bit of DOF to play with.
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Epithet Man wrote:
Any tips, or am I wasting my time with the auto-focus on the K10D?

Sadly you're.

I did manage though getting the candid shots when they were playing while i use the K10D and the DA*50-135.
It can be done but it's not great way of doing it.

It's really a hit and a lot off miss.

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Set the camera on continuous focus and on continuous shooting mode. Get the kids to run towards you and just keep your finger on the button. The K10 will shoot in fast bursts and sure as hell some of the the frames will be sharp. It gets better with plenty of practise.
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Epithet Man

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OK, will give these ideas a try next time the opportunity arises.

My default settings are for continuous focus and continuous shooting, but I always forget about the continuous shooting mode (until I accidently keep my finger down for too long and take multiple shots )



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Try 'catch in focus'?

Check out this post.


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I would use the longest focal length and make sure you have an escape path. They don't tend to stop and then they're on top of you.

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