How is it possible that the advert on the right can find it's way on to PU forum ??????


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What ads you see is individual to you, if signed in to your browser, or the browser/device you use based on several factors: from search history to data mined from filling out forms. Say I have input my birth date to register on this forum. The algorithm behind the ads now knows I might be approaching menaupause and will bless me with remedies for it on any site that uses Adsense or similar to display ads. That is why I use ad blocks, always. It gets quite interesting when browsing public devices Easiest way to see it for yourself is browse Amazon for say, socks for couple of minutes. For whatever reason, you will see the bloody things for a week after, all over various adds. Surely if I bought socks I don't need to look at them all week. Google disagrees....Get a plugin for your browser and free yourself from most of it at least until someone figures out how to bypass it Their algorithms 'come' to the strangest conclusions at times.
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At the moment I'm seeing lots of ads for Roman dresses, but that's down to Sue looking at their website. PU has no control at all over the ads, it's all down to Google and whatever systems are being used.
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I have been besieged with ads for slippers. Says it all!
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I see an ad for the K-1, but then I'm only 36
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it's called "remarketing". It's a good technique for marketers although the downside is that it keeps following you after you buy the product
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I get blitzed with adverts for hotel breaks. Irene has been looking for somewhere nice (but cheap) to stay in various parts of the country.


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Mine seems to be showing WEX and MPB (used lens retailer for those that don't know)

Strange that I would get adverts for used lenses ......... Hmmm
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Currently the ads showing for me are Waste Disposal and
sums me up perfectly


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This topic is hilarious!


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If PU controlled its own advertising I'd over-ride ad block for the site. Given its Google in control there's no way I'd do that and consequently I don't see any ads. I'd have thought PU plus members would be ad free automatically; sounds not.
For some sites I've had to install an anti ad block blocker! Getting daft.
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HarisF1 wrote:
This topic is hilarious!

My thoughts exactly!

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I do not get any ads


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geordie01 wrote:
I do not get any ads

bragging or complaining


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Kaspersky antivirus has an excellent ad blocker. Despite that, as a result of my daughters buying a load of makeup and nail varnish a few years ago, E bay is convinced that I am female!
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