Horror story with a happy ending


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I recently did a shoot where I was the official photographer for a re-union over two evenings at a local hotel. The first night went well but on the second near the end I had a glitch while trying to review the last images I had taken. My first thought was the sd card was full. However I switched the camera off and on and it was fine, I took a test picture and reviewed it without any problems. I got home after midnight and loaded the pics into Lightroom.

Shock horror! About a hundred images were blank. totally black.

I went to bed and found it difficult to sleep. What had gone wrong. It must have been the sd cards, were they full. Why didn't I change them. what am I going to say.

Next morning I had to investigate. The blank images were the last ones I had taken, the file size indicated they had data. Maybe the card was corrupted. I had used two cards but both were identical. Could two cards get corrupted at the same time? Maybe I might be able to recover the data.

My further investigations showed the blank images were taken from about the time I finished shooting and that they carried on at one, two or three second intervals for about ten minutes then paused for for twelve minutes then took a couple more. This tied up with the time I was carrying my camera bag to my car and again when I arrived home.

I must have left the camera on whilst carrying it in the camera bag and it was being activate by my walking. No lost images! What a relief.

Regards Jeff
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And I thought you'd forgotten to put a film in the camera

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Why didn't the auto off work?
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walkeja wrote:
Why didn't the auto off work?

It was turned off?

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It must have been still turned on but in standby mode. By touching the shutter button it wakes up then if no activity for a minute switches back to standby mode. I was using a large camera back with a shoulder strap and the bag was was well packed with equipment. The camera with a lens attached was on its side with shutter button against the side of the bag.
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