Hi all, I am from Manchester


Link Posted 29/03/2010 - 03:43
I went and have a look..
Seems that the 16-45 and 16-50 are giving very nice image.
But want to see 17-70mm..

Also does anyone buy 16-45/50 more than 17-70mm because of 16mm and for 16-50 F2.8?

Also I am looking for a camera that is simliar to Sony A700.
10-15MP, 5fps continuous shot, >95% converage..of course 100% is the best.
9+ points focus with faster focus at the center point (even good at F5.6)
Has both front and rear dial for exposure and aperture in A mode.

I guess does these stuff makes me to get K-7?
But then ISO performance on K-7 is good?
Cause in dpreview saying that if shooting more than 800+ need to reduce via program..
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