Hi. Its Izwan from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


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Im new to this community. Just started new hobby which is photography. I have bought Pentax K-x recently and still in the beginners stage. Hope I can learn from you guys.


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Hi Izwan

Welcome to the forum


No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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Teach you anything you want to know for a pound of that coffee....
oh never mind the coffee.... my wife never lets me have things that have previously been digested by something else...
Welcome anyways!
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Hi to you too fritzthedog.

Im new in this thing. Could anyone suggest what lens should I have if I were into potrait and landscape. I thought of getting 1 prime 50mm and another 1 50-200mm or 50-300mm for telephoto. At the moment I have 18-55mm kit lens. In Malaysia,Pentax is a bit new entry DSLR,hard for me to get used lens. Would anybody care to suggest which seller have a reasonable prive used lens.




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Thanks Don.

Feel welcome here rather than in my country where DSLR market dominated by Nikon or Canon. huhuhu.


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most of the UK folks swear by Chris@srs (member here) don't know if they ship to Malaysia though, but there's b&H Stateside....

the 50 1.4 is a great lens and I suspect the 50-200 would be useful to you in Malaysia...

good choices both, I haven't used the 55-300 myself...
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.



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Hello there Izwan


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Hi, and welcome to the forum. The 55-300 is a good lens use it myself, with good results (when I get it right)

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thanks Don. Will find who is Chris@srs later.

Hi macca809.


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Helo and welcome to the forum.

Armed with a K3, some M, A, FA, DA, and star lens. With an eye open for "just one more lens".

My PPG link


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Hi and welcome Izwan.
My piccies.


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Welcome to the forum Izwan. It's worth checking ebay for used 50mm lenses, and the f1.4 one is perhaps the best, but I would recommend having a go with some of the old manual ones. Particularly the 50mm f1.7. If you struggle with how to use it on the K-x, we're always ready to help out!



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thanks guys for the welcome n tips.im now checking the old manual 50mm lens.tawt of trying to master the manual lens first before jump to the newer lens.
im checking ebay and got one offer of new telephoto lens smc da 55-300mm lens for abt gbp100++.is it a good deal?


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G'day & welcome from a part of the world that is a little closer to you!

Joe S

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Welcome! I felt very welcome in your country when I visited half a year ago. Didn't go to KL, though. Maybe next time...

kimisara wrote:

im checking ebay and got one offer of new telephoto lens smc da 55-300mm lens for abt gbp100++.is it a good deal?

That's a very good deal! Maybe too good?
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