Help with choice of convertor.


Link Posted 20/08/2015 - 12:58
Your advice from your experience would be much appreciated.
I've taken the plunge and bought a DA* 300mm lens to try to improve my results at bird photography.
It seems that convertor would be helpful, but I don't know what I should buy.
Should I stick to Pentax? If so, should it be the 'new' HD1.4, or are some of the older ones just as good?
Thank you in anticipation.
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Link Posted 20/08/2015 - 13:07
I've tried a few converters and would advise you to get the New HD 1.4.

I do have a Pentax 1.7X AF that I'm thinking of selling, if you're interested


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The new HD 1.4 should be your choice, it marries superbly with the DA*300. I've tried a few TC's and none come close to the latest Pentax one for IQ or autofocus operation. The DA*300 is a tremendous lens and deserves the best TC to partner it.


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Link Posted 20/08/2015 - 13:20
The Pentax HD 1.4 is probably the best match for the DA*300!

Optically it's one of the best I've used. It carries through the SDM focus (and will do screw drive on other lenses). It matches the DA* in WR (so assuming your DSLR is WR you have a complete outdoor weather solution). But it's a bit on the dear side.

The next closest match optically (IMO) is the Tamron-F 1.4X Pz-AF MC4. It doesn't have the WR, but it does do the SDM focus (and screw drive), although the Pentax has a slightly higher "hit rate" in lower light situations from my experience.

The Pentax F 1.7x AF Converter is optically very good, but will not give the same success rate as the other two.

I have all 3 TC's and would recommend either of the 1.4's to go with your lens, but for the reasons I mentioned I mainly use the WR Pentax.

And Yes, I do have my Tamron up for sale at present at about half the price of the Pentax WR, but that is not the reason I commented on this post


Link Posted 20/08/2015 - 13:24
The new 1.4x is the first converter I've been completely happy with, it's the one of choice.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 20/08/2015 - 13:25
I agree with above advice. Apart from the loss of a stop I see no difference in the superb 300 star F4 so tend to leave the adapter on. It also works on lenses like the 18 135 WR despite not being listed as doing so (only F8 though). I like this as it gives me extended on what's in my camera bag of a day as i don't have anything in my bag around 200mm or indeed room to do so.


Link Posted 20/08/2015 - 13:29
Good heavens - how prompt are those replies!
Thank you very much for the comments, the consensus certainly seems to be the new 1.4 is the one to go for - so that is what I will do.
Sorry I won't be taking up the offers in the posts.
Lots of gear - but not a lot of idea!


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I have been on the same DA*300 TC journey myself - and having owned very TC known to man - the HD 1.4 to me is not just the best option, it is the only real option.

In case you are interested (or have found a better deal - in which case - let me know) - Park Cameras at 289 seems to be the best price around currently and I will probably take the plunge in the next few weeks

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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Ditto all above


Link Posted 20/08/2015 - 16:13
Thank you all for your comments.
I actually spotted the SRS deal on the HD 1.4 rear convertor a couple of hours ago and placed the order.
Confirmation received that it's on it's way!

Lots of gear - but not a lot of idea!
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