HELP PLEASE - Pentax KR will not record photo on SD card


Link Posted 23/09/2019 - 16:04
Hi hope that some will be able to help.

My camera has just started to 'play up' and not record photos on SD card. The camera was purchased second hand a year ago and has been working fine till now.

The battery was running low and the camera stopped (not a surprise), and the battery was recharged overnight.

However on reinserting the battery shutter fires, turning on the camera triggers the shutter, as does touching any other button on the back of the camera, while touching the shutter release button causes multiple shutter releases. Turning off the camera also triggers the shutter. No pictures are recorded by the camera. The screen display showed battery fully charged.

I have reset the camera, but no change . Took out the battery overnight and it's worse. Turning on the camera triggers the shutter but sometime the display screen is shown other times it is blank, and after an hour the camera was quite warm to touch and the battery indicator showed the battery depleted. (the camera was in the OFF postoion.

Has anyone any suggestions?


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This is the sort of thing that's easier while handling the camera, otherwise we're guessing.

However, a place to start would be fully charging the battery out of the camera and then trying again. Remove and put the card back into the camera. Format the card in camera. Double check all settings, just in case something has been switched on. Remove the lens, clean the contacts on lens and camera with a dry, soft cotton cloth or a microfibre cloth.

It's a start anyway, so I hope something in there helps.
Best regards, John


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In addition to the suggestion John's made, check the slider on the card isn't in the lock position.

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Thanks John and Chris for your comments.
Chris - the SD card is unlocked as I have just saved my photos to the laptop.
John - Battery is on an overnight charge, had previously tried your suggestions, except reformatting SDCard. Will give this a go tomorrow.
Thanks again both.
Kind regards Rob


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I'm not certain, but I think the lock just prevents writing, not reading which is what the computer looks for when uploading.


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It reads like this is a camera/battery issue and the SD card a red herring.

There are occasional reports of odd behaviour related to battery charge level.

Sounds perverse, but I wonder if it's worth trying a partially discharged battery, or maybe AA's assuming the KR is one of the bodies that'll work with them via a battery holder (and you have the battery holder).
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I'd try a different battery altogether. This kind of behaviour has been linked to insufficient power before and the problem could be the battery, which would now be fairly old if it's the original one that came with the camera.
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Thanks to everybody that has posted to this topic.

I suspect that JohnX and Jonathan-Mac came closest to the solution as the fault occurred whilst the battery was low and was the original supplied with the camera.

Solution - recharge battery - remove lens - turn on & release the shutter a few time - attach lens - problem fixed.

Hope that this may help somebody else in the future.

Kind regards to all - Rob


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Glad to hear it's sorted.
Best regards, John

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