Hello or was i hear before. I don't recall.


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Hi. Not much to say.
Pentax user for decades , have film and digital from aps-c to full frame and medium format Pentax cameras and whatever lenses i have.
I have seen too much to discount many problems and fixes people consider impossible.
I am Canadian and i don't take kindly to stereotype " EH!" Things are from from that easy here.
The american fanboy mentality burns my Canadian bacon (pea meal or regular).
I don't care for youtube, pentaxforums, dpreview, e.t.c.

On a more positive note. I am looking forward the the next rendition of the K-3.
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Let me be the first to say Welcome! Enjoy the Forum. See you're already getting involved.
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Hi. Me too, as in your heading.
I did join a few years ago but have been dormant.
Hopefully that may change now!


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Welcome aboard!

Canada is one of the places I'd love to visit, stunning scenery

My outfit: K1 gripped - Pentax K3ii - Pentax DFA 28-105mm - Sigma 70-200mm HSM Macro - Sigma 105mm - Pentax FA 35mm f2 - Tokina 20-35mm, Pentax HD-DA 1.4x rear converter - Pentax AF 540 FGZ Ii

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