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Hello, just signing in as a recent member to this site (great site by the way) I’ve been lurking awhile. I have resurrected my old hobby after approximately 40 years! I had a strange aversion to digital photography as it destroyed my passion for developing etc. Anyway…….

Now a proud owner of a Pentax KP silver.

Been a Pentax user since the late 70’s/ early 80’s can’t remember the exact year I purchased a ME Super with a f1.7 50mm lens, later purchased a 2.8 x28mm wide angle, my first foray into photography.
I snapped a bargain new K1000 body for £45 in Comet, around ‘79-84, closing down sale,that I do remember, never used it much as planned for a backup body,to this day is as new.
I did developing (Black & white/colour/slides) in a self built dark room to an amateur level too (pretty rubbish really), but then moved down to Plymouth UK and the interest waned due to job etc.

Been on a photo‘shoot’ as they say this morning with the KP and came back to see all 39 shots in a overly blue colour (across 3 different lenses all with skylight filters). This was unexpected as all was ok before, I have found the cause ( I’m pretty sure ) to be my rotation of the setting dial, I had mistakenly thought was set (by me) to sensitivity, what a numpty !! As I adjusted in M mode it must have changed the image settings to whatever. All part of the learning curve, now made sure settings are saved in M, too.

I have found best results on my old M lenses are to use F8 minimum and the best even higher – f11 f22. To use M’ manual, green button (to meter and let the camera set shutter speed) and done.

BTW, the K1000 works fine after being stored for 25 years, (tested first time this January) new light seals and clean up, the lenses had some fungus but I managed to clean up (after meticulous web research), they do have a soft finish to both prints and Digital ( in digital the outer edges clarity goes on low f stops) but with with high f stops it’s good, I think it’s characterful.

I did pick up a Praktica BX-20 and 2 lenses for £20 way back as the camera had a fault, minor solder repair, but it didn’t survive the 25 years –rusty deposits on the viewscreen, the lenses are ok though (still have these but of no use?) . I had a Tamron 70-210 zoom but this had the worst fungus and was binned too.

I traded in the ME Super as it developed an electrical fault with the LEDs, swapped for a Yashica Compact T3 Super D, still have it and has a film loaded and battery working, I must have planned to test it years ago (perhaps 10?) and not completed it!

In Plymouth UK this year is the 400th anniversary year of the Pilgrims voyage to the USA, exhibitions, shows, visiting cruise ships, the Mayflower wooden square rigged ship etc. so there are many a photo opportunity,can’t wait as the Barbican is already my favourite photo shoot.

Enough for now,


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Welcome to the site from sunny Newton Abbot just up the A38. Good luck with sorting out your settings and then look forward to seeing some of your Mayflower 400 shots.

Every day's a holiday!


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All in blue? Did you inadvertently change the white balance to Tungsten? Welcome to the Forum.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Hi Mate, welcome to the forum. My first Pentax was in the late 70's/early 80's and was a MEF with a nifty fifty and a 80-210 f3.8 Tamron. It was a good camera and had additional focussing aids. After a few years I used it less and when I found the exposure had stopped working I dropped photography altogether. Took it up again about 9 years ago. Anyway I am from Plymouth.

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