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Hello from New Jersey (USA): K-1000 filter query

Posted 28/05/2004 - 21:48 Link
Dear Friends:

If I am out of line, please excuse me-- this is my first post. Been shooting for years, yet still consider myself an advanced beginner. LOVE my K-1000. Would someone be so kind and recommend a basic set of filters that I should purchase? I like the look of the romantic/soft filter-- I'll surely get that one. I prefer B&W film. Any other filters that should be in my camera bag?

Thanks again from New Jersey,
Ms. DuFontaine[/u]
Posted 29/05/2004 - 00:20 Link
It depends upon the sort of photography that you like. As a suggestion, though, I would propose these:

Landscapes: Orange for moderate effect, red for more dramatic skies.

Portraits outdoors: Green for good skin tones.

General use: yellow to correct tones

Colour: 81A to warm up pictures

Effects: soft focus if you wish, but moderation and subtelty is often appropriate.

But most of all, have your own vision and expression!
Best regards, John
Posted 14/07/2004 - 11:02 Link
The ones below with two stars indicate that I also find these very useful for digital as well as film.

** polarizer
* 81A, B or C
** neutral desity graduated gray square filter

and there are a few nice to have ones:
** ND (non-grad) filter
* 85
* 82
** sunset or other square graduated filters
Posted 14/07/2004 - 14:29 Link
I'd recommend using the Cokin filter system, this means that you can use the filters on all your lenses using the holder rather than buying one of each filter for each lens.

I use the P series so I can swap between 35mm and medium format.

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