Hello from Costa-Del-Redditch;-) Wots the plural for Pentax?


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I'm Ravi, and live in Redditch, W.Mids (not really on the coast, that's just what a friend jokingly used to call it!)
I have been taking pictures since the 80s, when I got my dad's Agfa Isolette III. Used to "read" the exposure settings from film roll cartons at the time !
Moved on to a no-name automatic, I think it may even have been a fixed focus!! Those days, even a Zenit used to feel expensive! (Not saying the Zenits were bad, I think they produced some spectacular images, they were just nowhere near as expensive as Pentax/Canons/Nikons...
My first Pentax was the Zoom 105R, which I bought after soaking up all the best buy reviews, I felt PROUD to own it, specially when a photolab asked which camera did I have- he was impressed by the "negative density" ! (I thought that meant the exposure was spot on).
My 1st SLR was a Minolta Dynax 500si Super, which again I really liked.
1st Digital : Olympus C5050Z.
Last year, I decided to swap my Dynax for a digital SLR. The contenders were Nikon D40, and Pentax K100D Super. Nearly went for the Nikon, until I read all the RAVE reviews for the Pentaxs (Is that the plural for Pentax?)
With the K20D "on the horizon", the K10D prices were tumbling. I took the plunge, and am the proud, though still "shaky" owner of the K10D now! (Shaky, because, having used the Dynax & the Olympus, I got so used to the scene modes, getting back to Av, Tv, Sv took a while!)
Anyway, that's a HUGE post, so I will shut. Nice day to everyone! Ravi.
Pentax K10D, 18-55+ Digital King 0.7x, 50mm, 16-50mm DA*


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Hi and welcome to the forum Ravi.


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Redditch - wonderful place. I seem to spend half my life there with clients so I love it, it's been good to me for many years. That said I'm afraid I wouldn't want to live there and I can't find anywhere that isn't on my regular routes!


You can see some of my shots at my Flickr account.


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Welcome Ravi
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

K-3's, K-3II.
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SMC PENTAX-D FA MACRO 1:2.8 100mm WR, SMC PENTAX-DA* 1:4 300mm ED [IF] SDM, SMC PENTAX-FA* 1:5.6 400mm IF & ED,
HD PENTAX-D FA 1:4.5-5.6 150-450mm ED DC AW, HD PENTAX-DA 1:5.6 560mm ED AW,
SMC PENTAX-FA* 1:5.6 250-600mm ED[IF],
PENTAX AF160FC Auto Macro Ring Flash.



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Nice day to you too Ravi, and welcome!


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Hi and welcome


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Hi Ravi,
interesting post, like to hear a little back ground and looking forward to seeing some of your photos.
Welcome to the forum
Regards Huw



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Hi and Welcome.


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Hello Ravi welcome to the forum.
The older I get the faster I was.
K-3 II, K10D, DA16-85, DA*50-135, DA12-24, DA18-55, DA 50, Sigma EX DG 70mm Macro, Sigma 70-300mm, Sigma DG 120-400mm APO HSM.
Metz 58 AF-1.

My Flickr link

Utopia Poppy

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Hi, Welcome to the forum!
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep". ~Scott Adams

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