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I have two walls at home that are empty and I plan to put up lots of photos. I've looked through Google images for inspiration/layout ideas and I know it's down to personal opinion and your environment but if you have a wall with many photos hung could you share a photo please?

What options are there besides framing everything with a 'proper' frame (frame & glass); in a mount? but that could look very cheap I'd imagine. Any other options that look good.

I'm not sure whether to put family photos on 1 wall and other photos on another or mix them. I'm thinking that different frame sizes would be better than all 1 size and spread around/not in exact columns and rows. Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.
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I am away from home, so no photo, but I have a couple of walls of photos. I use Ribba photo shelves from Ikea, so I can change photos around without having to keep making holes in the walls.
I tend to also use Ribba frames, but not always. I have no problem with mismatched frames and odd sizes of photos though.



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I quite like doing montages inside say a 3 x 4 frame which looks pretty funky and can be a talking point for visitors and family alike


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I would consider a frameless approach, there are various options including some companies that will embed your image behind a clear acrylic sheet. This makes it easy to hang, you can even suspend on wires if you wish and also protects the image from any possibility of damage. I'm going to try that with some of my music festival shots as I think it would suit gritty images of rock bands and the like. You can also get bevelled edges on the acrylic if you want.


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For me it's either one extreme or the other. If it's a 'gallery' feel you're after then each print is probably best in a frame that suits the image behind non-reflective glass (i.e. not some generic 'photo frame'). I feel that stretched canvas prints have had their day. On the other hand for an informal arrangement, I'd prefer randomly positioned and overlapping prints of different sizes and alignments simply attached with that blue tacky adhesive type stuff (especially for prints of the family etc.).
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I have a couple of photos on acrylic. They look fantastic. I had a photo of my son's old Land Rover printed on aluminium too. It suited the grungy effect I gave the photo, but I don't think I would use it for most things.
The acrylic ones stand amongst the others on the aforementioned shelves.


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dinneenp wrote:
spread around/not in exact columns and rows

Letting anarchy reign too freely may make it look like a dog's breakfast from a distance.

You may want to consider making a sort of virtual super frame in which the outside edges of the outermost pictures are aligned.
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