Hacking a Pentax 4P grip for the AF540-FGZ


Link Posted 26/04/2010 - 11:38
Excellent instructions Matt, but I managed to do mine without taking it apart. I didn't drill the hole for the locking pin though.

I used a model making drill, like the Dremel, but with a fine and narrow grinding stone or glass etching bit, probably both. It did take awhile to remove enough of the metal to ensure the extra pin didn't short to the steel plate though.

I'll maybe revisit this and drill the hole for the locking pin. I hadn't actually thought of doing that because the locking pin is spring loaded and if the hole isn't there, it can't get stuck. It would give a bit better security to the fixing I guess.

It does make an awesome hammerhead gun though, which can still be used wirelessly if needed.
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