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Guidelines for Leads to Deals

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Posted 28/10/2010 - 16:40 Link
This is being initally run on a trial basis to make sure it runs smoothly.

The idea is that you can post a link, with a brief explanation, to something you think the membership in general could benefit from. The recent deal on the 100mm Macro lens is a good example. Please don't link in images, just post links.

Any commercial ads will be deleted. Anything we suspect is a scam will be deleted. New members who join just to sell their wares will be deleted. In general, items should be related to Pentax in keeping with our general policy.

Hopefully our usual good sense will apply but the section will be moderated very strictly so no grumbles please about that!

Having said that, let's hope this is as useful as anticipated and that members will benefit when something beneficial is spotted.

Please note that expired deals will be removed, so please don't post discussions in these threads or they will be lost when the deal runs out.

I'll add to these notes as and when needed.
Best regards, John
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