Great British Photography Challenge


Link Posted 25/05/2021 - 14:24
Did anyone watch the Great British Photography Challenge on BBC4 last night? If so, what did you think of it from the point of view of:
1. TV informative entertainment
2. Photography

And do you intend to watch the rest of the series?



Link Posted 25/05/2021 - 14:53
I picked up a couple of interesting ideas from it, and so it was informative to a degree. Re entertainment, that depends very much on your definition! Disappointed not to see any of the photographers using Pentax, though I thought that Chris Packham was quite restrained in his comments. I am planning to watch the rest of the series.



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I enjoyed it far more than the Sky Arts Photography challenge with its arrogant and rude judges, Rankin set out here to encourage and find positives and much better than the tired old knock-out format. I could understand the confusion when the first assignment was "beach" and Rankin was disappointed to see photos of - a beach! it looked like his studio assistants helped out on the fashion shoot as they were using remote flash triggers but given only 15 minutes I thought they did really well.


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Stumbled on it purely by chance as it had just started.

Was entertaining, shame there are only six contestants...would have been nice to have had a couple more.

Rankin seemed very fair and supportive with constructive criticism and he didn't seem too full of himself admitting that one of the challenges wasn't really his strong point either.

Judging the images with any artform...very subjective

Only another three episodes so I will try and make a point of watching them. The trailer for part two showed boxers so i'm guessing there will be a 'sport' or 'action' challenge which could be quite interesting.


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I'm pleased that there isn't the tedious knock-out element with all the attendant manufactured drama and tense music. There could be less padding and a bit more photography. For example, they are clearly getting help with processing but that is glossed over whereas yet another clip of someone saying they are growing as photographers is getting a bit tedious.

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I think that next week's episode could be interesting - last night's trailer suggested that they may be using a large format, plate/sheet film camera. I was interested to see that around half of the 'contestants' have the camera strap around their neck whilst the others don't. I have always favoured the former. What do other forum members think?



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MHOL190246 wrote:
I was interested to see that around half of the 'contestants' have the camera strap around their neck whilst the others don't. I have always favoured the former. What do other forum members think? Michael

Have never used a neck strap, prefer a wrist strap that I use when feel necessary otherwise use the grip or lens foot mount as a holding

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Chrism8 wrote:
[quote:3496ace15f="MHOL190246"] ...
Have never used a neck strap, prefer a wrist strap that I use when feel necessary otherwise use the grip or lens foot mount as a holding

Basically the same for me, but when I'm using a heavy lens then the neck strap as well in case the combo should fall for "some reason" as that (hopefully!) prevents it hitting the ground.
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Usually if I am walking around with a single lens, or using a tripod, then a wrist strap. When carrying a bag then a neck strap leaves both hands free to change lenses without putting the camera on the ground. For an extra heavy lens then I use a heavy duty strap attached to the lens and body. Seeing so-called pros carelessly carrying a camera just by the grip seems needlessly reckless.


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I find a Joby sling style, over the shoulder/body strap to be excellent. They make much of its extending ability on their blurb but I've never found the need for it. The screw mount to the tripod lug is really robust. If I'm out with a tripod I carry the entire ensemble, horizontal in my hand, as I fully trust the Manfrotto geared head that I now use.
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So... what did you think of the final episode?

Interesting how Rankin has been concerned throughout with the picture while this thread turned to equipment.



Link Posted 15/06/2021 - 07:35
I thought this was a great ending to a super series, up there with Grayson Perry’s Art Club, we really need more like this. I suspect a lot was lost in editing the programmes down to an hour which a shame, and was surprised at the final joint winners but they all did really well. The challenges didn’t require special equipment except where this was lent to them so a fair level playing field. Did anyone else look at their recent photos and think there is a lot to improve upon? I did which shows how worthwhile the programme was.


Link Posted 15/06/2021 - 07:40
The balance of this series didn't seem quite right, so some opportunities to share expertise probably wasted. It would have been interesting and helpful to see more of the mentoring and taking the photographs, with less about the photographers. Although it seems to be the way of some documentary TV entertainment - to give personality prime place over substance.



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You wouldn't have been a fan of Big Brother then Philip....!?
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Very perceptive, Nigel!

Great to see you again.

All the best.
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