Graduated Filters on the Pentax DFA 15-30


Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 19:28
I had a similar dilemma . I wanted a modern wide angle for the K1 which could use graduated filters. The Pentax 15-30 would be fine except for the filter issue.
I thought that having to invest in a Lee / Nisi/Kase system for 150mm filters for just one lens was really having the 'tail wagging the dog'.
I bought the Irix 15mm which is a lovely lens but again filters are a problem.
To answer your question the Lee 100mm system will vignette heavily with the Irix lens.
It is possible to fit the 105mm polarising filter using a 95/105mm step up ring and it does not vignette. However a filter holder will vignette.

Irix are producing their Edge 100 filter holder which fits the Irix 15mm and allows use of Lee or other filters. I saw it at the Photoshow and it looked very good. However Irix told me recently that the release date has been delayed and not yet decided.

There is another filter holder called the Bombo Zorro 100 which can be fitted to the Irix lens by a special adaptor. It is made in Vietnam and can be found via google./amazon/ebay
It seems to have good reports but is quite expensive.

I hope that helps.
I would be quite happy with a ultra wide angle for FF with max f4 which would then be more compact and take sensible filters!



Link Posted 09/07/2018 - 22:30
The Lee 150 System works just fine with the Pentax 15-30 and can also be used on any other lens. No need for more than one system

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