Goth LAdy


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C&C welcome..

pentax k-10, 16-45, manual exposure
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Expertly lit, but for me you have gilded the lily twice over - first with the face-smoothing which leaves her with little skin texture, and second on the framing effect. Sorry Don! It shows great skill, way beyond what I could do, but nevertheless I don't think it quite works.


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Looks like something made of plastic, sorry.



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I like it but dont think it needs the square frame.
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It is very weird, a gothic futuristic mashup. 19th century meets 23rd century. The extreme smoothing leaves a very ambiguous feel, is the subject real or not? And those contradictions are I think the strengths of this image and the reason I keep popping back for another look.
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Actually you could be onto something there Doctor O.

The image unsettles me, but if that was the intention, it's a success!
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a deliberate effort to blur the line between painting and photograph, with goth vibes....
I appreciate the feedback. thanks!
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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Fantastic - bold and different!
Best regards, John


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cardiff_gareth wrote:
She looks like a porcelain doll!! Look out Vogue!!

I was actually contemplating turning the skin tones wayy down to near white to completely get a doll like look, but I have a strong tendency to use warm tones... it was a tough choice but I opted for something I think she'd like more.

I appreciate all the C&C guys. thank you....
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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She looks more like geisha than goth
Nicely lit though
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