Got broodie for an MX


Link Posted 25/02/2013 - 21:13
After seeing DanielH's recent arrival, I spotted an MX for sale locally on gumtree advertised as being in good condition.


All appears (from my limited knowledge) to be in good order as far as I can tell. All shutter speeds work, winder ok, metering works. Just need to put a roll through it to see how it performs. At this stage I'm a very happy man. I've a friend at work who has developed his own B+W film so I'll pick his brains about it. I'm considering developing and scanning

Paid 25. Take it that's a decent price for the condition?


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That sounds like a very good price, I paid 45 for mine and considered it a bargain. The other things you'll want to check are the light seals around the door and the mirror bumper. If they've never been changed they will be very disintegrated.
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I thought I checked all the shutter speeds but now after playing with it this evening 9/10, the mirror doesn't come up on the faster shutter speeds (1/60th and above). Have been searching online and haven't seen anything specific about this fault. I'll keep looking.

Maybe I haven't got the latest firmware
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OK...have noticed that the mirror comes up when I press the shutter button with a bit more of a 'snappy authority'...I'm assuming lubrication is the issue

Think I need to send off to harrow technical for a service. The camera hasn't been used in 20 years

Still happy with my purchase btw
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At the price you paid by sending it to Harrow for a clean up you're still quids in!

It's a lovely camera to use imo and the first one I go for (i have a half dozen film cameras) when I fancy a film day!
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Yeah, that's what I'll be doing David

I did a read through on recent opinions on film camera preferences, which made this an easy decision

Also came with a genuine Pentax SA-1 Focusing Screen (looks like the SE is on the camera) as well as its leather case, so yes I think I've done pretty well.



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Camera envy...... (I trust you mean the original MX and not the sacrilege Pentax have committed in giving its name away to a 'compact').

My biggest regret in photographic equipment was selling my MX when I went digital. I still have my Spotmatic which I caress from time to time but how I miss the MX. Surely one of the best (if not THE best) film cameras ever made. Oh for a 'proper' digital MX..!!
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