Got a Q for my birthday!!


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My lovely wife bought me a Q for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I thought I would post my first attempts.
All taken with the Q + Prime 01

Vespa 1
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Vespa 2
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Vespa 3
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Fountains Abbey
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Fountains Abbey 2
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Windfarm at Sunset
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Windfarm at Sunset 2
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C and C necessary
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I really like the Fountains Abbey images in particular. What a great little camera the Q looks to be. I've never used one, but the images often posted on here indicate that it is very good indeed.


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It takes a bit of getting used to but I think it will be a great little carry round camera, which was the main reason for getting it, I mean my wife buying it for me.


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Firstly, nice pictures, especially 1, 3 and 4. There's a sort of watercolour effect on the Abbey pictures - is that intentional or is that how the camera handles high ISO?


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There is tremendous detail in the black and white shots
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Pentaxophile, at Fountains I wanted to try the in camera HDR with the cellariun and compare it with bracketed exposures and use software.

I think these were in camera with HDR set to auto which probably accounts for the effect.

Barrie, the b/w shots were all taken indoors, handheld with the prime lens in raw. The prime does seeem to capture detail well.


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Lucky you Alan - nice birthday present!.

The Q is a great little camera - especially with the 01 lens - best impulse purchase ever for me!

Nice set of images - and the Q handles Fountains very well - haven;t tried mine there yet but will probably heading there tomorrow as it is only 3 miles from home and the tress should be just about right reflected in the lakes now!

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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Belated Birthday Wishes
I look at the images posted on here and think "Why am I still lugging a K5 about"? Lovely Skies. I think Fountains must be one of those places everyone goes to and takes some photographs. I like yours. I think the B&W photos are the best though.

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Thanks for the comments. So far I am more than happy with the Q especially as I got a bargain in the Tesco deal.

I took the sky pictures on the way home from work. In the past I would have thought about taking the shots only to realise I haven't got my K7 with me.

To me this is the real benefit of the Q. Its a complete system with pretty good image quality and is very portable.

Being in Yorkshire last week it was a good opportunity to go to Fountains Abbey. I persuaded my OH that it would be a good day out, which it was, but it was freezing. I must return in the summer for some blue skies.


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Looks like the Q is finally getting the praise it deserves.
I bought mine from SRS for my two year stint in Tanzania and so far I'm very impressed with the picture quality.
It's not safe here to carry around my K5 all the time so the Q is perfect, particularly the white one as;
a) It doesn't get so hot
b) They don't recognise it as a camera, it being white
(all cameras here are black)

So thank you SRS for my bargain! I'm more than happy with this little gem.
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Impressive photo's
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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