Good service shop for Pentax near Todmorden, West Yorkshire


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My K50 seems to have developed a fault. Not sure what the problem is. Does anyone know a good service shop in my area OL14 6JE?


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Before going to a shop, did you try resetting the camera to the factory settings to see if the problem is still present? If you reset it and the problem persist, then it will be time to go to a repair shop, but experience has thaught me that quite a few problems are "operator errors" (yes, I've done some errors in my life). Whatever the problem might be, good luck.
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You could try York Camera Mart who sell new Pentax cameras and lenses and also offer a repair service. I've bought new and secondhand Pentax equipment from them but not used them for repairs. I have used Harrisons Cameras in Sheffield for repairs to a K1000 but they send them away.

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Stoxsie wrote:
My K50 seems to have developed a fault.

What are the symptoms?
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JAK wrote:
Stoxsie wrote:
My K50 seems to have developed a fault.

What are the symptoms?

Thanks for replying. On Auto setting, shots are very darkÖitís like the light metering isnít functioning effectively. Most of the time itís difficult to know if thereís any subject there at all. My first look wasÖis the lens cap still onÖbut there is a very dark image. Iíve tried switching to shutter and aperture priority but still the same problem. Another reply suggested resetÖI did think I might have done something daft and so Iíve tried that but Iíll check the manual to make sure Iíve done it properly. Itís a while since I used itÖwe moved house a year ago and itís been manic for over 18 months. I have taken some pictures during that time; the last were moon light shots around our new house and they werenít badÖsomething has happened since thenÖor Iím missing something really stupid!
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It's the most common failure for these cameras. The mechanism controlling the apertures stops working correctly causing the lens to take an image using the smallest aperture setting.

To test this, take an image at f/22 (or the highest f number) and it should expose correctly. Alternatively, use live view and look at the front of the lens. The aperture will be fully stopped down even when you take a shot.

If you're handy with DIY, there are a couple of fixes that can save you a lot of money on a shop repair.
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Just to add, my K50 suffered aperture block failure earlier in the year and I got some quotes for repair and they were all coming back around £120-140. You can buy a used model from MPB for that price but don't know if it will suffer the same issue. I landed up buying the part off Ebay for £25 and doing the repair myself, there are guides online on how to do it.
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