Good European Cities for Photo's!

vic cross

Link Posted 10/12/2020 - 00:14
Kris. I'm 81 Sheila is 82 so we should get our jab soon then the world's our oyster. "Snubs nose to all young people" We're all right Jack. Only joking really. I can't travel because my kidneys are shot to hell. Anyway I think I've travelled enough in my life. I've been to 56 countries give or take a couple and my favourite city was always Vienna.
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womble wrote:
Holy Thread Resurrection batman... I don't think any of us are going anywhere much for a while.

I've visited a few photogenic places (I live in one ) in the Netherlands this year. Haven't taken many photos though.

I can't see us travelling much in the coming year, even with a vaccine.


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I'll back up Vic with Vienna. One tip there if you are visiting out of season: book a limo from the airport (not much dearer than a taxi). The hotel doorman reports your arrival to reception and you often get an upgrade ! We had a small suite last February from a standard reservation And be sure to visit the opera house!
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+1 for Vienna.
One of the things I like is the integrated transport which means you can get around easily.
The centre of town has much to offer but also the suburbs like Grinzing or Baden are interesting.
And of course the Prater where as well as the iconic wheel there is much visual interest.

vic cross

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I've visited Vienna Once on a touring holiday and 4 times for work back in the day. On my first trip they were building the new underground railway. They had the main road through the centre of town dug up and they laid the track on a base and covered it up with concrete arches. They were digging and filling behind as they went. A couple of buildings had a bit of subsidence and they had to underpin them. Happy Days. In the middle of the city there is a "Cafe" in a cellar where the locals eat. (I forget the name) But if you go try to find it. Great food and great value.
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Another vote for Vienna. A beautiful city that is easy to get around and great photo opportunities, especially the Schonbrunn palace and gardens, the Belvedere , St Stephen's church and many more.

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Well.... the OP won't get anywhere with Diamond Club points anymore. My BA Amexcard is building up points for a Reward flight not anytime soon.

Another beautiful city to mention is Bamberg - pain to get to (trains from Munich are slow) but the centre is stunning. Regensburg and Rotenburg on der Tauber are other Bavarian gems.

Italy? Went to Bologna 2 years ago, without camera. Interesting city, lots of arcades and towers. Last trip to Italy coincided with the worst Acqua Alta in Venice (last November), I got very wet).
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