Good European Cities for Photo's!


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Joe S wrote:
Well, I' live in Copenhagen so I guess I should chime in. While it is a great city I don't know as a photo destination. These days are just dull and grey - you just never know.

I was lucky with the weather when I went! (Mind you, it was October... not February )



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Pity Paris isn't on your list. It should be a must for every photographer.
Vienna and Bratislava have both been mentioned, you could do both as they are not far apart.


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Granada, specifically, the Alhambra Palace and the Albaicin gypsy quarter. Stunning.
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chrism_scotland wrote:
Jetsam1 wrote:
I'd have suggested Budapest.... But that's not on your list!!

Been there 4 times and going again next week!

I loved Prague so I think I'd like Budapest, I've only listed destinations I can get direct from Edinburgh along with Beirut and Moscow (via LHR) but I might see if I can use my points to go to Budapest via Frankfurt or Zurich.

Actually, Prague and Budapest are quite dissimilar. The latter is much bigger and grander, with elegant boulevards and some amazingly quirky and magnificent art nouveau buildings.

Prague is more homogenous and more intimate; nicer to wander around on foot, but with fewer sights to make you gasp. I love both, but I wouldn't bracket them together.

The food is immeasurably better in Budapest - if you like foie gras, it's ubiquitous, and that is not the only delight. Furthermore, there is plenty of excellent wine. The Czechs make wine, too, but one's first bottle of Czech wine is often also one's last.

In Northern Czech, Karlovy Vary is a superb (and very photogenic) spa town, much favoured by oligarchs and their ladies.

The centre of Bratislava is pretty, but small. Not worthy of a detour, but a place to stop if you happen to be canoeing down the Danube.

Don't go to Bucharest (but if you have to, avoid Baneasa airport at ALL COSTS). The Romanian countryside is reckoned to be lovely - sadly I haven't been outside the metropolis. Once called the Paris of the East, Bucharest is now an awful mess.

Poland has one or two gems. Krakow is well worth a visit (undamaged by WW2) , as is the extraordinary Zamosc, a "new town" built around 1580 by an Italian architect for Count Zamoyski - whose descendent I once sat next to at a concert in London. Being Italian, the architect built an Italian city. The effect is a bit like stumbling unexpectedly across Portmeirion - except that Zamosc is real.

Many Polish cities had to be rebuilt almost from scratch after the war. Warsaw was perhaps the least successful example, but they did a beautiful job in Gdansk, which is also interesting for Westerplatte (the start of WW2), the huge shipyards, Solidarity and the fall of the USSR, and the Hanseatic League. Again, lots to photograph.

Although the Poles suffered terribly in WW2, they fared much better during the Napoleonic Wars, thanks to Madame Walewska, Boney's favourite mistress (immortalised in Sole Walewska). She protected Poland from invasion by Napoleon, which made her, to the Poles at least, one of history's most useful courtesans.

But all this is totally irrelevant because BMI goes nowhere near any of these places. Perhaps you can do a miles swap with somebody who has some Easyjet or Wizzair miles. Assuming there are such things.

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JonSchick wrote:
I'd add Amsterdam into the mix too

me too!!
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Smeggypants wrote:
JonSchick wrote:
I'd add Amsterdam into the mix too

me too!!

Hmmm I bet you would

I don't remember much from my visit to that city
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Of course, if you live in Edinburgh, you could do worse than visit the UK's second best city - London. If you live in London it is easy to become blase about it, but it really is one of the world's best cities by almost every measure.

Photographically, the possibilities are limitless. There are architectural gems in almost every (pre-1920s) street.

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chrism_scotland wrote:
I've had a look and most of the fee's for Diamond Club booking seem to be very reasonable, £88 tax on a Business Class flight to Moscow from EDI via LHR, which should be £700 odd if booked for cash only.

Well, Russia may be one of potentialy better uses of miles for intra Eu flight, but still (from memory):
12000 * 1.5 = 18000 + 2 * 7500 if you start your journey in Edi flying to LHR (or only 1 * 7500?) = 33000 miles + pay taxes

For not that much more miles (or even less if you combine them with cash element) you can get proper long haul flight in bussiness class (where BC is is worth much more than intra Eu flight), hence with high cost of miles these days its usually better use. But, having said that, you may have a lot of miles to burn, earn them easily, etc, then it doesn't matter that much .
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I would second Brugges it's a very strange and lovely city. Budapest is nice too but watch your gear there.

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another vote for budapest.

beautiful city, lots of culture & still has lots of poverty around. the station being particularly good for street ohotography.

as for watching your gear the same could be said about anywhere, however all the travelling i have done i have never been a victim of crime. but i dont wear jewelery or expensive clothes nor carry a lot of money around....
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Zurich is amazing, but hire a car and drive too. Austria is mindblowingly beautiful.
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greynolds999 wrote:
Zurich is amazing, but hire a car and drive too. Austria is mindblowingly beautiful.

True, but the OP lives in Scotland, which takes no prisoners when it comes to beauty contests. That's the beauty of Nature that I am talking about.


PS: AS do you, of course!
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Stick to Deutschland

Fav city 1: Muenchen
Fav city 2: Luebeck
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Come to Warsaw or Wroclaw and you won't regret it!
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Holy Thread Resurrection batman... I don't think any of us are going anywhere much for a while.
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