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When are you planning to travel? If soon, then I would argue that most of the location you have in your list are risky from a weather point of view and in this period(except the last one). So unless you can choose to travel at a short notice (after checking the weather forecast), I would go South, Spain / Italy?

I would also vote for Venice (although Venice too can be too North in this period). How about Tuscany (Florence, Siena, etc), Rome, Barcelona....

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chrism_scotland wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm currently looking at Moscow in May/June I've also got a bundle of Intercontinental Hotel Points so I can stay in Moscow for free.

did not see your reply before posting my comment... so please disregard it as the weather comment is not relevant.

I would still suggest Venice or Tuscany as an alternative

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You've just beaten me to it, I was going to suggest Rome, Venice and Florence; I've always wanted to visit Venice in Winter. Madrid is a wonderful city too.
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Stockholm is a pretty city too.

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I'd add Amsterdam into the mix too

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As everyone seems to be adding to your list, I would prefer St Petersburg to Moscow and also add Bratislava and Dubrovnik.

Of course if your flight is grounded there are plenty of photo opportuniyies in Edinburgh!

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Well, I' live in Copenhagen so I guess I should chime in. While it is a great city I don't know as a photo destination. These days are just dull and grey - you just never know. The new part "Ørestaden" (yeah, there's a new letter for you) has some very interesting buildings. The beers are good but also expensive

Bruges is also on my list - for the same reason And Berlin is pretty cool.
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Thanks again everyone, I'm really pleased to see such a good response to my posting!!!


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Jetsam1 wrote:
I'd have suggested Budapest.... But that's not on your list!!

Been there 4 times and going again next week!

Photoing nice buildings and an interestingly located town Budapest is excellent. But if it is possible, I would choose Vienna and Budapest together, just a two hour drive (or train) from each other.


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Surely the most photogenic as far as architecture is concerned is Rome. I would also include Strasburg and my home town Manchester....
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chrism_scotland wrote:
Luckily due to having to fly for work I've accumulated a good level of BMI Diamond Club points which I want to use to get away for a long weekend somewhere in Europe

OT, but if you have some numbe of miles (even better, miles with diamond club), booking flight to Europe is just a waste of them (apart of few destinations which are normally expensive most of the time). Number of miles needed for zone 1-2 redemption with diamond-club, plus potential surcharge for connecting flight from Edi to LHR plus massive taxes out of LHR( or just UK) to use for Eu (especially economy) flight - (in general) no no no .
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I've had a look and most of the fee's for Diamond Club booking seem to be very reasonable, £88 tax on a Business Class flight to Moscow from EDI via LHR, which should be £700 odd if booked for cash only.


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chrism_scotland wrote:
Luckily due to having to fly for work I've accumulated a good level of BMI Diamond Club points which I want to use to get away for a long weekend somewhere in Europe, but ideally I'd like to go somewhere that has some good photo opportunities, nice buildings etc.

I'm a big fan of architecture and landscape photography so any suggestions from the following would be appreciated:


Cheers Guys.

I've only been to Berlin out of the above.

Some great buildings/architecture, and the Tiergarten provides some nice greenery too.

Beer is pretty good as well.
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Pentaxophile wrote:

But from your list, Copenhagen is the only one I've visited and it's GREAT.

If you go to Copenhagen then a visit to the harbour side and a cool Carlsberg is a must!!!

Much better than the stuff sold here, as is the San Miguel in Barcelona, which also Has Parc Guell to explore...

And don't forget the markets! LINK
Cheers, HG

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Hardgravity wrote:
If you go to Copenhagen then a visit to the harbour side and a cool Carlsberg is a must!!!LINK

Here you go:


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