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It’s been really nice to have had a few kindly enquiries from people on the forums recently, asking if I’m OK and why I’ve not been posting. It is those contacts that have encouraged me to jump back in, so thanks very much for rekindling the interest guys!

Nothing dramatic to report, just a fading of enthusiasm, loss of motivation, and other demands on time. The Pentax gear and flash stuff is still in the cupboard. I do wonder if it would be different should I have been spending money on a new camera and lenses? …that quite possibly would be a good route to motivation again.

The amount of time I now have available for photo editing, and just managing photos on the computer, is almost nonexistent. I’ve come to enjoy doing things in a mobile way however, and have got more organised in the digital world with Google Photos and Drive, all managed from a smartphone.
I’ve got masses of unprocessed DNGs from the K7, and recently discovered a very practical and efficient app for processing DNGs… ‘Snapseed’. Its totally free, so this is no advertisement, but rather a suggestion to those who might also struggle to deal with a RAW workload but might have more time when mobile.

This is not an approach for the purists…. I’ve even been castigated on a forum for suggesting that a laptop might possibly be OK for serious photo work, let alone a smartphone (!)… there are clearly limitations to working on a phone touchscreen. But I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how well the app designers have solved many interface and fine control Issues. It is a photo editor that is completely designed for the smaller touchscreen and the image adjustment controls and entirely intuitive and practical.

The most glaring RAW tool that is missing from Snapseed is Noise Reduction. But if you can live without that then most other key editing tools are there and are extremely functional and efficient to use, including layers and masks and brushing in and out layer edits. So there is the same sort of selective editing power that I used in Photoshop, at least for the more simple image orientated work, and that for me elevates the Snapseed app above most mobile photo editors.

For me, the main thing is that it’s got me going again, even if it’s only to deal with my ‘back catalogue ‘… at least I’m working with my photos again, and bringing to life images that would otherwise remained stuck and invisible on my unused computer. To prove it here is a selection of my recent edits, all done on a mobile phone. .. Not recent photos, but shots that had remained unused so far…..

Thanks for taking a look, all comments welcomed, and if anyone is struggling to find time to get the best out of their images on a computer, then I encourage you to give Snapseed a try on your phone... Second best is still better than producing no photos at all!
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Welcome back, Nigel!.....and with a great selection of your images. I like them all, particularly the woodland with sunburst.

All the best.


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welcome back, and a very nice set of photo's. It is difficult keeping motivated, I have missed out on loads of photo opportunities lately because I couldn't be bothered to carry my gear with me.. Getting my mojo back slowly. Hope to see more of you.


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Thanks both... Good to be back. I am enjoying the hobby again in this rather limited way, but it's better than doing nothing photography related!

For anyone who doesn't read the full explanation at the beginning, I should emphasise that I am not advocating 'mobile phone photography'. All the images started as DNG files from the Pentax K7.... I am processing them on a phone using an app that can handle DNGs, and is very good at it in my opinion.
My Guides to the Pentax Digital Camera Flash Lighting System : Download here from the PentaxForums Homepage Article .... link
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I think it is easy to get bogged down with equipment especially where other family members are involved, to the extent it gets put aside. To counter this I have found a couple of ways around this: first just take one lightweight prime lens like a 50mm, my favourite is the F2.8 macro as close-ups are within scope; second, a small portable like the GR III although I plumped for a Leica D-Lux 7 as it has a zoom and just looks so damned nice. It is a pleasant change to get back to using cameras how we used to and for other times you really appreciate what the rest of your kit can offer.


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Welcome back Nigel, glad you dropped in again and with such a great selection of images as well!

It's a testament as well that it's not necessary to upgrade continuously and your K7 delivers the goods for you without the need to spend any new money. All good stuff. Hope you stay around now you've found us again!
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Hey Nigel. The third image is a cracker

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Good to hear from you again Nigel, and to see these photos you've posted, I particularly like the abstract nature of both the macro and the architectural photographs. It goes without saying that your children are lovely and very photogenic.

Hope you find a few moments now and again to show us your work, and give your opinions on whatever is topical. Best to you, R.


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Some crackers in there. Thanks for sharing.


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Welcome back Nigel! Good to see you back
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good to see you back in the fold with an excellent opening set. have been in that situation along with others i suspect, losing the interest and wondering why you bother when most images sit buried on a computer. i was lucky in that a friend of mine pulled me out of it by taking me to places i would not have taken myself. the people with flash problems will be over the moon that you're back i imagine
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Superb, welcome back, nothing wrong with shots on a phone, #5 and #11 in particular, the best camera is always the one you have with you at the time


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Well now just look here young Nigel...!! You just cant pack in..!! I used to think there was only me n you that ever owned a K-7. What must be the most under rated camera Pentax have ever produced..lol. I get inspiration from seeing your work. Makes me want to give things a try. And who am I gonna chat off camera lighting with ? So buck up, and saddle up the horse once more and lets hear no more about it...!!

"Snapseed" wasn't that why Google bought NIK Software. Just to get hold of the mobile program...?
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Good to hear from you again, Nigel. Sorry to hear that you lost your photographic mojo but it happens and there are many things that can rekindle it as described above. Glad to hear that you have found yours and I look forward to seeing more of your images in the future - however they are processed.

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Tim Clinch, who published regularly in B+W Photo magazine and Amateur Photographer is a great fan of Snapseed. The last couple of photos I have had published have both been taken on my Huawei phone and edited in Snapseed. I don't think you (or anyone else!) has to apologise for using a phone to edit photos these days. They are certainly up to the job.

BTW, great photos!

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