Gitzo Vintage tripod GK2380VQR


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Want to sell Gitzo vintage style tripod GK2380VQR. Bought it new to have it always with me in car. You know - when tripod is needed, it`s always at home. So, I decided to buy high quality one, made of metal (car can easily carry it): more weight, makes more stability. Metal (magnesium and aluminium) makes it reliable for scratches and rough conditions for liftime.

But at the moment I already had big 3x carbon tripod with Heavy Studioball head.

And Gitzo Vintage stayed all the time at home. Actually I like it so much, that I can`t imagine it used in rough conditions where I like to take photos (Baltic sea, legs pressed into powder white sand).

What amazes me - tripod is really compact. I have tiny, tiny Gitzo GT0541 and it is longer than 2x series Vintage (see pic).

What else is interesting - to open and close G-locks on Vintage metallic legs, it is enjoyment. One easily feels that high level craftmanship. Carbon tripod G-locks closes and opens not so smooth, more like plastic way. Vintage - like knobs on Markins and Arca Swiss heads.

Tripod is really good if you want compact, sturdy tripod for liftime. And if you want it with style - it looks and feels really good. It can easily carry Pentax DSLR and even Pentax 645 with up to 200mm lens. I just tried at home to put on it my 645n with various lenses. When central columns is up, it is not good with any cameras of course. But with 2sec timer - perfect and sharp results even with tele (300mm DSLR lens). Although I use tripod from low level usually (don`t like pics from eye level). But it depends from individual style and approach.

Condition of tripod:

Once used outdoors and then couple of times indoors - to take pics of tripod, to just play and compare it with both my others Gitzos. After deep inspection there is some tiny scratches on some places, but it is not possible to take photos of these - almost unnoticable. There is some three technological dots on paint (like drilled holes 1/2 milimeter) - these dots are more noticable.


450 GBP + shipping and paypal fees with regular postal service or whatever you prefer.

Compared to tiny Gitzo GT0541 (not included):


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Sold on Ebay some months ago.
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