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Got a photo pass and grabbed a few photos at a gig in Islington on Friday night. I was travelling light so only had space for K-5 plus 35-105 SMCA. Could have done with a longer and faster AF lens, but I knew that...

I took most of the shots at ISO3200, which is quite a lot higher than I normally venture, but I was quite happy with the results. Had I used a faster AF lens, they would have been better (and I was surprised to see how many lens aberrations I was getting from my "stack of primes").

So here are a few shots:

Suport came from Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman (Yes, he does look just like his dad.....), with Paul Manzi appearing for a couple of songs:

Headliners were the Saddleworth-based John Lees' Barclay James Harvest, who are so much better now they have stripped down their sound and just want to have fun in smaller venues:

Good fun night out and some outstanding musicianship.




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He does look like his dad, amazing resemblance.

A photographers nightmare that stage, lots of mic stands, sheet music stands, laptop stand etc...

First two are good, little bit of a tighter crop would have removed the clutter a little, given the lens though you did well
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Hi Gary - thanks and should we say that ageing musicians who either sit and play or stand and play without lots of drama don't make for fab photos anyway?! And John Lees' white hair under stage lighting is a nightmare for blown highlights even in raw files that were deliberately underexposed!!


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Wow, thanks for posting these shots. Brings back some great memories from back in the day. Surely Gordon must be drawing his pension by now. To get these shots with a manual lens is no mean achievement. Anyone who hasn't tried it should get out there and have a go...
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