Getting ready to sell up and need advice on a compact.


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I've all but lost interest in photography, mainly due to health and feeling my age and the total lack of desire to hump around a bag full of kit, so I've decided to scale down and look for something that will fit into a pocket.

All suggestions on compacts welcome.
Experiences of the WG50 also welcome, is it as rugged as it looks, does it stand up well to been dropped?

And if anyones interested I'll have a K3II + grip plus some lenses and flash up for grabs as soon as I've sorted out what they're worth.
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That is sad news Alan. No advice but I understand where you are coming from. I've barely touched my camera for months.
Hope the health concerns are not serious.


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I can recommend the Sony RX100. I have a Mk1 that I carry around in my pocket when I don't want to carry the K70. It is metal bodied and has been dropped many times. The picture quality from the 20mp 1" sensor and the f1.8 Zeiss lens is first class and has a 24 to 70 zoom range.

There have been 7 models with varying features most of which you can still buy, including the Mk1 for around 300 to over 1000 for the latest MkVII.



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EPhotoZine's "Compact of the Year" for the past several years has been the Panasonic LX100. Similar spec to the Sony RX100 above but with a micro 4/3 sensor and image stabilisation (an important factor as we get older!). I bought one recently for under 300 second hand and am certainly impressed with the overall performance. Being very much smaller than a DSLR, it is a bit fiddly to use at first with plenty of scope for inadvertently pressing one of the many small buttons around it. However, it's getting better with practice. The nearest that Ricoh/Pentax can come to it is the GR. This is almost the same size as the LX100 but with a fixed focal length lens. The principal disadvantage of the GR is price, at over 700 for the Mk iii. The earlier versions are becoming increasingly available second hand but do not have image stabilisation. Pity, as I would have liked to stay with Pentax.

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Bloody Hell, that GRIII is expensive. Don't think I want to spend that much, as for still posting on here I think I'll be keeping my K5 and a kit lens as it's probably only worth a couple of hundred now, I also still have my istD which is probably worth less than the cost of a new filter
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Yes it is n the pricy side. I was saving for the new model but given it is costing me money to save (2.7% inflation +0% interest) I'm not so sure I will be able to save enough to buy one, and given all the photography I don't do nowadays I wonder if it is worth it.

My son has the Panasonic TZ something or other with a long zoom and loves it.


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The most useful and effective compact I've found is the Pentax MX-1. The quality is excellent and it is easy to operate under all sorts of difficult conditions. Plus it has the familiar Pentax ways of working. If you prefer interchangeable lenses, then the Q-S1 is terrific and uses a similar, if not the same, sensor. It too produces superb results.

Maybe not available new, unless you are very lucky to find one somewhere, but easily obtainable second hand in mint condition.
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+1 for the Q series, particularly Q-S1.

With any compact (including Q series) it's worth thinking about whether you want/need a viewfinder.

Family experience of the reliability of Panasonic TZ long zoom compacts has not been good (which is a pity because they were good in other respects). The manager of my local camera shop says that's typical of long zoom, do everything compacts that are designed and built to a price point. And just to be clear that it's long zoom, do everything that's the problem not the brand, the only Pentax that's failed catastrophically in my family was a film-era long zoom, do everything compact. You get what you pay for.

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