Fuscia (with 50mm plastic fantastic on K-1)


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I've been proving to myself that the APSC 50mm f1.8 plastic fantastic works as well as any other Pentax 50mm lens on the K-1 in full frame mode. (I might be wrong of course!)
The image has had a tiny crop to remove edge distractions but is almost complete. On my monitor it looks quite 3-D.

K-1, DA50mm f1.8 @ f5.6, 1/160", ISO 200, -1.3EV focused as close at it allowed.
John K
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A lovely shot with some gorgeous textures and colours.
Best regards, John


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Thank you John
John K


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Looks good here as well Agree on the good colours, the soft pinky reddy tones are beautiful.
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Oh Wow!
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I agree with you John and I would go further in that I think the DA50 is better than many of Pentax's previous and current 50mm lenses. I've owned and used a fair few of them and wouldn't swap any for the plastic fantastic. I used it recently at Tickhill Music Festival, in challenging conditions, with most shots on AF at F1.8. Depth of field as you can imagine is slim at this aperture, but it nailed most of them and the sharpness at full aperture is quite amazing.

It's the best value Pentax lens currently available and if anyone doesn't have one I would highly recommend them to get one.

The shot you have produced with it is lovely, great colours as has been said already and I agree with you on its 3D quality.


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I wonder why Ricoh/Pentax didn't bring out official D-FA 28mm, 35mm and 50mm 'plastic fantastic' FF version prime lenses to coincide with the release of the K-1? I can't even see any on the road map and I'm sure they'd be popular, not just with K-1 owners. The 35 & 50 could just replace the DA versions in the catalogue. The current one's certainly aren't far off being D-FAs so would hardly cost any more to produce.
John K
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We've been overdue a fuschia this year and you have produced a really nice one!
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Thank you.
John K


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Lovely! Like that, great light also
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