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For sale is my Think Tank Digital Holster 20 which is very similar to the links below except that mine is version 1.0, not 2.0. I think the differences are fairly small except that version 2.o has a link on the exterior for when the holster is used with a Think Tank belt, plus the rain cover pocket is on the outside, not the inside. The version 2.0 might be fractionally longer as well, but the difference is so slight that I'm not absolutely certain.

I've used it for a Pentax K-r with a Pentax 18-250mm attached with the lens hood in place and it fitted perfectly. A longer lens would fit as the holster expands another three inches or so if needed.

It's in very good condition with only a few minor marks to the interior. Selling only because I no longer have a longer lens that needs to be accommodated. Looking for 25 delivered



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Will you take 20?

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Hi Paul

I've sent you a pm



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Final bump before Ebay. 22 delivered.


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How would you think this would work with a K20D + DA 17-70? Too big? Just right?

Also, does it have a belt attachment or just a shoulder strap?


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Hi John

I used it with a Pentax K-r with Pentax 18-250mm attached and it fitted really well. I don't have a 17-70mm, but according to the specs your lens is only 8mm longer so it would fit fine. The holster does extend quite a long way if you unzip the base so would accommodate a much longer lens as well. Not sure about the diameter of the 17-70, can't find that on the specs, but the 18-250mm had a diameter of 75mm and fitted well. My Sigma 10-20mm has a diameter of 83.5mm and it also fits fine, if snugly, but the case is well padded.

It has room for a camera and lens attached of a total of about 20cm unextended and around 28cm extended so if you measure your camera plus lens from back to front that should give you an idea. My K-r plus the 18-250 was fine and I sometimes left the lens hood on and it still fitted. A shorter lens won't rattle about either as it's very well designed and takes the weight of the camera on an internal bolster.

It has a comfortable shoulder strap and also a very secure velcro closing belt loop - I've used it both ways.

It's a great holster, just no longer needed as I don't have a long lens any longer (just bought the 40mm pancake!)
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Thanks Chris. I'll get back to you.


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Two final questions for you Chris - sorry!

1 Is the outside rain resistant?

2 If you do need to deploy the rain-cover, how easy is it given it's stored inside the pouch? (I'm wondering whether the camera/lens can be lift in-situ inside the bag or whether they have to be removed to access the rain cover.)


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Hi John

I'm not absolutely certain about how rain resistant the outside would be. I'm assuming that it's not completely waterproof or there wouldn't be a separate cover included. It's well made with a shiny feel to the material so guess there would be a certain amount of protection from light rain/drizzle. It certainly rained a bit in Singapore last year and I didn't feel the need to put the cover on. I can't think of another occasion when it has rained when I've been out with it so I haven't tested it that much.

I've never had to use the cover either. I've just tried it without a camera in the bag and it was very easy to deploy. I don't have a lens the length of your 17-70 any more, but with the Sigma 10-20mm attached to the camera I can still reach in and pull the cover out with the camera in-situ. I'd still want to do this in advance of any heavy rain, though!

I think the newer version 2.0 has the rain cover taking up one of the pockets on the outside, if this is important to you.


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Thanks Chris.

To compensate for all the questions I've asked, and the time you're spent answering them, I'll buy this from you, assuming still 22 delivered?

Can you PM me please with preferred payment option and account details? Thanks
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Hi John. No need to feel obliged - happy to answer questions. I ask enough myself

I've just sent a pm


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Sold to John. Thanks for looking.


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Arrived to-day, thanks.

Just what I wanted, and in great nick
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