FS: SMC Pentax-M 85mm f/2


Link Posted 23/08/2012 - 11:04
For sale is my lovely M85/2 - described as 'the poor man's FA77'. Well, I am now the proud owner of the 77 Ltd so this has to go!

IMGP0001 by Rob_1234, on Flickr

Please see my full size images at:


And some samples I took with this very lens:


I had sold this on eBay, but it was returned as it has a hairline crack on the black mount on the rear - I just hand;t noticed it in my year of ownership. You can see it in the below image:

IMGP0002 by Rob_1234, on Flickr

He also claimed to see fungus, but I can;t see anything more than the usual small amount of dust of a 20 year old lens?

IMGP0003 by Rob_1234, on Flickr

As you can see, it takes great photos regardless.

I'm after £170 including RMSD to the UK - a lot less than I paid for it...
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The M85 is a lovely lens. I was holding out for a K85 but then I saw an M for a bargain price and couldn't resist. Having got it, I now wonder what took me so long. It's rarely off whichever camera I am using at the moment. Highly recommended.

I hope your sale goes well.

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To check for the claimed fungus, shine a torch through the lens then you will see it. If it is indeed there.
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Link Posted 23/08/2012 - 19:27
Many thanks.

I have shone a torch through it as suggested, and see nothing more than dust.

To check I looked through my M50/1.4, F50/1.7 and FA77 - they all show varying levels of dust, but in the same manner.

The lens has always performed fantastically for me, and looks nothing like my fungus-infected M80-200/4.5.
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Link Posted 28/08/2012 - 10:14
How about £160 all in?
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Link Posted 20/01/2013 - 15:59
Is it still on sell today?
I love to buy this lens but it seems like pentaxuser does not allow me to send PMs until 30th day from joining.
Is there any chance that I can contact to you using alternative methods like emails?
I ended up in this page by googling M85/2, and I love this lens so much.
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